#ForWomenInCoronaDays Violence Prevention Guide
We stand with all women who are exposed to violence or in danger of violence. We may not able to protest in the squares, follow lawsuits physically, or hold mass meetings for protest or what has to be done. Do not think that we will be ineffective or more invisible because of that. Do not let coronavirus pandemic despair you. We are here! We, women, will give strength to each other and hold each other's hands even if it is not physically. We will be in solidarity with all women and institutions. We will tell what the authorities have to do for our right to live and all other rights. We will find out new ways for our struggle. Women will never walk alone on corona days. We have prepared this guide for women who are or will be more exposed to violence because of the epidemic measures.


The meaning of “Houses” to women

What is “coronavirus pandemic” to women?

The emergency plan that must be done by institutions for women on coronavirus days

The rights and suggestions for women who are exposed to violence on coronavirus days

6284 Infographic

Istanbul Convention

Report and support lines


The meaning of “Houses” to women

United Nations stated that “The most dangerous place for women is their houses.” in the report which was published in 2019. According to the data of Ministry of Interior and We Will Stop Femicide Platform, women have been mostly killed in their houses. The murderers are the men closest to them because houses are the places where men can pressure women peculiarly and houses are tried to be detached from society. Houses are the places where gender roles, “feminity” and “masculinity”, are mainly reproduced.

While women are mostly killed on purpose by being tortured brutally in their houses on any other days, the lives of women will be harder on unusual coronavirus days now.

Women, children and LGBTI+ individuals are mostly affected adversely on the days of war, economic crisis and epidemic. The quarantine precaution means women and men (who use violence or have potential to use violence) are obliged to stay in the same environment at home, which is also hazardous for women.

What is “coronavirus pandemic” to women?

Violence against women has increased three times as much during the quarantine in China. Italy has announced that the report violence line is in service 24/7. Austria states a special law will be legislated. Pharmacists in France will help women who are exposed to violence by reporting to the police using codes such as “mask 19”. Immediate packages, prohibitions, all kinds of precautions are being discussed in Turkey but none of them includes the threats that women will face. 

From applications received by our support line within 15 days, some of the challenges that women faced in Turkey as follows: Women are hesitant to go to the hospital to get report about the assault because of the risk of virus infection. Students who return to their families with the closure of schools want to complain when they witness violence. However, students gave up complaining about violence if their fathers are at high risk. Those who are subjected to violence or witnessed violence worry that the attacker will stay in unhealthy conditions during the corona days and they give up their complaints. It is observed that law enforcement units did not fulfill their obligations within the scope of the Law No. 6284 as an excuse for coronavirus days. Anxiety about encountering malfunctions in violent perpetrators during coronavirus days deprives women from exercising their rights. This situation raises the concern that "Increases severity if an attacker is released". We see that the applications for legal aid to the bar associations decreased significantly compared to the previous week. Femicide is increasing: Within the first 15 days after coronavirus was detected, 18 women, 12 of them were at home, were killed by men.

Violence against women is made more invisible.

An emergency package for women must be announced on coronavirus days. Various steps such as social distance, detection (test), quarantine and treatment against virus are certain, and they are handled at a high level. Likewise, development of the prevention, protection, prosecution and policy articles should be applied effectively and completely for women in line with the Istanbul Convention. The measures taken to protect against viruses should not be an obstacle to protect women from violence. Therefore, the measures and practices taken against the virus should be integrated with the awareness that there is gender inequality. Coronavirus measures should not be sexist, however, they should not be treated as we are "equal". There should also be protective measures for women.



Violence Prevention Guide 


Emergency plan for women in coronavirus days:

1.6284 and the Istanbul Convention should be implemented effectively:

The implementation of the 6284 and the Istanbul Convention should not be made difficult by using coronavirus measures as an excuse.

2.Public spots, live broadcasts and trainings regarding the 6284 and the Istanbul Convention should be organized:

Public institutions and organizations should be prepared about live broadcast, video, education, public spot about coronavirus measures as well as 6284 and the Istanbul Convention.

3.Call and support lines should be available 24/7 and should be popularized:

Support and counseling mechanisms for women should work 24/7 in case of violence and threats of violence, there should be no disruption. The mechanisms, lines and applications which are working 24/7 should be announced in everywhere.

4.For women, complaint and application mechanisms should be created digitally:

Accessing to rights for women should be facilitated. Online transactions should also be used actively for women’s rights. Complaint, application, sending file should be made from digital media. Women’ needs of psychological and legal support should also be met through online transactions. The whole system should be developed in the light of technology and science. Existing practices should be announced more in the ways that women can be aware of.

5.The notification of third parties on violence must be considered carefully:

It can be difficult for women to report because they are generally in the same environment with the perpetrator. Therefore, the authorities should make statements about stand by women under any circumstances. It is difficult for women to report personally especially during these days of epidemic, the notifications of third parties should be approached meticulously.

6.Shelters should conform to the coronavirus measures and places that are not used at the moment should be opened for women's use considering their right to safe accommodation:

The conditions of shelters should be in line with the coronavirus measures, and the procedures of women seeking shelter should be facilitated by law enforcement units. Women should be provided with shelter by creating appropriate health conditions in places such as social facilities of municipalities and buildings not being used in holiday areas where they can be protected against violence.

7.There should be no disruption in the judiciary and execution, and women should be informed about all developments:

The measures taken in the judiciary should not lead to the disturbance of women, different measures should be developed additionally.  In our country there are those who are waiting for their last day of the suspension and who leave the prison to kill women, the perpetrators should be prevented from turning the virus measures into opportunities. Women should be informed of the entire judicial and execution process.

8.Egalitarian and collective labor should be promoted within the home:

Because of the days which women have to stay more at home will reproduce gendered roles different measures should be taken. Domestic labor should not be made invisible and the sexist division of labor should not be normalized. Collective conduct of household chores such as cleaning, food, patient and childcare should be encouraged everywhere.

9.Employees should be able to take on paid leave, and layoffs should be prohibited at workplaces:

Women who could take a part in working life should be prevented from being the first category to be fired. Measures such as the prohibiting layoffs and enabling paid leave within the scope of coronavirus measures for all employees are vital, especially for women who are likely to lose their rights due to gender inequality. Since women’ economic independence will be the first issue to be thrown out of focus in this period, comprehensive measures should be taken. For the health of all of us, all precautions should be developed considering that women may have separate needs among the health workers working in hospitals for a long time.

10.There should be separate support mechanisms for informal worker and immigrant women:

There should be support mechanisms for migrant women who work informally without any assurance and statements should be made to ensure them that they are not alone. At the same time, informal work is widespread in this area, so should not be at the discretion of employers to provide protective products such as masks and gloves for healthy working conditions. Authorities should establish complaints systems against these problems that migrant women may experience.

*While some of these suggestions must be followed by the relevant institutions, even Ministry, Municipality and private institutions can implement many of them.



Rights and suggestions against violence in coronavirus days:

1.Mechanisms for urgent application:

You can call the support lines of 155 Police, 156 Gendarmery, 183 Ministry and the bar associations and request emergency help. If you are unable to call since you are in the same environment with the perpetrator, you can download the KADES application of the Ministry for Internal Affairs to your phone and get the police to your location with a button.

Women should not believe that courts are not working because of the various measures taken in the judiciary. Courts are working, protection orders can be taken by UYAP.

By applying to the bar association of the province you are in, you can say that you are in danger and you can request legal support for the protection decision.

If you experience any problems, you can contact us by calling our support line at 02129124243.

2.The notification of third parties is valid, you can get support from the third party for emergencies:

The first step you will take against violence is to make a plan. First of all, you can learn your rights by contacting us and decide which right to use. You can agree with a friend, neighbor or relative that you trust so that they can inform the police in an emergency. You can plan in advance with person you trust to report the police with a message, phone call or any symbol in the danger of violence and you can set a password between you two.

If there is a danger of violence, you can prepare an “emergency” bag for yourself. Also, when you feel the threat of violence, try to take precautions in a way that you can feel safe at home, for example, try to avoid materials (knives, vases…) that can be used as weapons.

3.You should document violence when occurs:

It is important that you have evidence for the perpetrator to be punished or for your urgency to be better understood by the authorities. First, you can take a photo or video of violence mark with your phone. You can use methods for understanding the date of the event, in which the date will be determined. For example, open a channel where the date and time appear on the TV and you can take a video where the channel come into view.

However, the most important thing is battering report. Police have to take you to the hospital to get a battering report. Always ask for items like masks, gloves, glasses.

It is a good idea to give a copy or a photo of your documents to person you can trust.

4. You can obtain a suspension order:

Even if you are living in the same house with the perpetrator, do not hesitate to request a suspension order. The person who suspended will surely find a place to stay. If not, suspended person can request from the relevant units in line with his needs. Although you have some concerns, do not let the excuse “No place to go” make you stop your complaint. Nothing is more important than your right to live. All necessary measures should be developed in this context. It is the government's responsibility to develop new opportunities if the suspended men need shelter. Suspension orders can only be implemented effectively in this way.

5. You can request for shelter:

If you are under the threat of violence or if you do not have shelter because of your economic conditions, you can request asylum by calling 183 or going to or calling the nearest police station/gendarme. You can also go with your children to the asylum. It is the duty of the state to provide you shelter with appropriate health conditions and to fulfill the necessary precautions in shelters within the scope of epidemic measures.

If you are hesitant about going to shelters, it will be useful to identify a friend or acquaintance with whom you can temporarily stay with you in such situations.

6. You can ensure that the possible offender's gun is confiscated:

This measure is available in law no. 6284. If you are under threat of violence, you can request the gun of the possible threat to be confiscated, if any. Even if he is a soldier or a police officer, you can ensure that his gun is confiscated. If you do not want to leave your home and register a complaint, you can call the police into your home and complete your complaint.

7. You can request for financial help:

If your economic situation is an obstacle to the applications you will make to the authorities, you can request financial help. When you want to leave the house, stay in a shelter, or to get a suspension order about the perpetrator, it is among your rights to provide temporary financial aid according to the law no. 6284.

8. Say that you want to benefit from the law numbered 6284:

Women's right to live is equal to the right to live of any citizen. Therefore, do not hesitate to use any of your rights within the framework of virus measures. Do not give up when you encounter difficulties when you want to use your rights. The obstacles encountered in practice should not allow you to use your rights: Do not hesitate calling emergency lines, get an assault report, share the situation with someone you trust, do not fall into shame and regret if you have not reported the violence before. What will save us, and women is to act when we realize, or sometimes when we decide to.

9. On these days that we cannot leave the house, we should be in solidarity with each other:

We should ensure that our needs are met in solidarity as much as possible for everyone who is in the coronavirus risk group or who lives with someone from the risk group.

10. You are not alone when you look for your rights:

You may have difficulty in using all these rights and you may encounter negligence. However, we are with you at every stage for you to reach all your rights and prevent any negligence. You can contact us by calling 02129124243.