2020 August Report of We Will End Femicide Platform
In August 2020, 27 women were murdered by men, 23 women were found suspiciously dead.




27 Femicide in August, 23 Suspicious Women Death


we continue to go through an abnormal period with Covid-19 all around the world and in Turkey. In many parts of the world, extraordinary countermeasures have been taken for extraordinary conditions. During this period when it is expected for everyone to stay at home, difficulties have arised for women. Last month, in conjunction with opening Istanbul Convention to discussion, attacks on the convention have increased.  When women’s modern rights are under attack, femicides, violance against women and attacks on our rights to live equal and free are increasing. Except for the fact that opening Istanbul Convention that keeps women alive to discussion, women are fighting for full and efficient implementation.


The reason murder of 16 women could not be detected.

In August, 27 women have been murdered and 23 women were found suspiciously dead. The reason murder of 16 women could not be detected. 4 women were murdered due to the fact that economical excuses. 7 women mere murdered due to intendingthey want to make decisions for their own lives and other ones were murdered due to divorce and rejection. Failure of detection of the reasons is the result of becoming violance against women and femicides invisible. Unless reasons are detected, unless there are fair trials, unless there are deterrent punishments for perpetrators and suspects, unless there are preventive measures, violance is increasing day by day.


Monthly femicide statistical data is as below:

We would like to share the names of our sisters who had lives individually:


Women were murdered by:


8 women were murdered by the men they were married to. 

6 women were murdered by the men they were in relationship with.

4 women were murdered by the men who they knew.

2 women were murdered by the men who they were related.

1 woman was murdered by her father.

1 woman was murdered by her brother.

1 woman was murdered by her son.


Women were murdered in their home and on the streets mostly.


15 women were murdered in the home.

5 women were murdered on the streets.

3 women were murdered in fields.

1 woman was murdered in car.

1 woman was murdered in her workplace.

1 woman was murdered in a public area.

It could not be detected where 1 woman was murdered.

56% of femicides in August happened in the women’s houses


19% of femicides in August happened on streets.

Women have been murdered mostly by guns.


14 women were killed by firearms, 7 by sharp tools, 3 by burking, 2 by battering and 1 by burning.


The Employment Status Of Women Still Cannot Be Determined 

It is very difficult to determine the employment status of women. We think that this significant data should also be taken into consideration by press members. According to the data announced by Turkish Statistical Institute this month, the number of women "engrossed in houseworks" decreased by 971 thousand compared to the previous year. Therefore, according to Turkish Statistical Institute, the number of women who are not even considered as labor force reached 10 million 216 thousand in May 2020. The reason of Turkish Statistical Institute’s explanation of the data in this way is to try to cover the real dimension of women's unemployment. Women who are not taken into working life or avoided from employment become more vulnerable against the dangers of gender-based discrimination, violence and femicide. According to the available data, 3 of the women work in a workplace and the working status of 23 women is unknown.


İstanbul Convention and 6284 Will Be Implemented, Women Will Live Equal


The attacks on the İstanbul Convention, that is source of proud as its first signatory in 2011, continued also this month. In the first week of August, the Center Board Meeting of AKP was postponed, while the allegations that withdrawal of Turkey from Istanbul Convention with a decision to be taken at the Center Board meeting of the AKP was on the agenda. Afterwards, President Erdoğan did not mention the name of the "İstanbul Convention" in any way and made some statements about the convention and women at the AKP Provincial Heads meeting. The statement made a very different picture from our current situation regarding violence against women, femicide and gender equality. As a result of the struggle and pressure of women, it could not be brought to the agenda clearly to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention. A statement was made that a national document could be made. If a regulation is to be made in the domestic law, it should be made according to the İstanbul Convention, which is based on universal values, such as the protection law numbered 6284.


AKP point man Ömer Çelik said, "We will not abandon the balance of protecting women and protecting the family, and therefore we will not abandon protecting women and the family." Protecting the family cannot be equalized with protecting women. The İstanbul Convention is not about family structure, but a convention for the prevention of violence against women. When it comes to violence and inequality, the İstanbul Convention states that the government should stand by women and is responsible for protecting women from violence.

The social resistance against the attacks against the İstanbul Convention and our right to equal and free life is growing. Women conduct studies in order for people to learn İstanbul Convention all around Turkey. According to an allegation circulating in the backstage of the AKP, which seeks a way out in response to the ever-growing solidarity and struggle, the plan of governmental camp is annotation on the expressions of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" in article 4 of the convention. There are different sexual orientations and everyone has equal rights according to the constitution. Every policy and every regulation other than this is discriminatory. Gender equality is indispensable for our right to an equal and free life.      

It is not possible to prevent any type of violence against women without ensuring gender equality. Gender equality should be ensured urgently by all institutions and organizations in

order to stop gender-based violence and femicide, and everyone should take responsibility. We never accept that our right to life, which is our primary right, be the subject of discussion. We know we are strong. We take our strength from the struggle for life of women who are threatened to be killed despite the restraining order or decision to protect, who have suffered rights violations at the stage of complaint, who seek justice against the violence they have been subjected to, who are injured, who are killed, who say "I do not want to die". With this power, we will continue to struggle for the implementation of the İstanbul Convention and 6284.


While the discussions on the Istanbul Convention is still going, Abdurrahman Dilipak, after the insults against the woman who support AKP, The General Woman Assemblies of AKP filed a complaint in 81 cities of Turkey against him. The head of TBMM, Şentop said “Istanbul Convention helps to fight against the violence against woman“ by saying that he points out there's no reason not to practice Istanbul Convention. The Head of the Education Minister said “There are 4 stages to for fighting against violence“ by saying that he points to the 4 main articles of the Istanbul convention “protection precautions, preventive intervention, eliminate and improving politics“. A TV program that AKP General Vice President Mahir Ünal attended he said about the Istanbul Convention that he thinks it is not going to break the morals of the society but he is in the middle of about it. On the other hand, a tv program that Bülent Arınç participated he alleged by pointing out the morning shows, women are punishing the man they are married by using 6384.

6284 and Its Results

If the law no. 6284 which put into practice and realization by hundred of years of hard work of the woman and when it is realized it protects the woman and it organizes so many precautions against the one’s who does the act of violence such like suspension, protection of the victim, supporting financially the woman and even changing the identity values to support her safety. Passing into law of 6284 that protects women and prevent the violence against woman realized after signing the İstanbul Convention.

While whether women who were killed in August have protection order, only 1 woman is known that she has a complaint to police appealed for divorce, suspension order or protection order.

Y.Ç. who is living in Düzce and the man she want’s to divorce Emrah Karabulut was attempted to kill by a fire gun .Y.Ç. was alive thanks to the gun were stuck and didn't work, She filed a complaint to the Law enforcement. Law enforcement who take the complaint like they should take action immediately and caught and arrested the perpetrator.

Ecevit Yılmaz who escaped from the prison in Ankara who is charged 22 years with 28 different crimes has caught by law enforcement while he was on the way to kill his ex-wife.

Hatice Bengi was violated by her husband for 1 day, the perpetrator who is on probation left Hatice Bengi because he thought she was “dead”. When she went to make a complaint on the case it was found out she got the answer “Court is closed for 3 days, you should find a safe place to hide in 3 days then we will put your case to file “.After it becomes a big topic in social media Hüseyin Bengi was caught.

E.S. who is living in Antalya and mother of 3 children was injured by a sharp object by her husband who is violating, threatening her, and got a suspension order at the time the divorcing process is going.

14 years old A.S. who lived in Tekirdağ, was battered by her father with excuse of not giving her cellphone password

43 years old and mother of 3 children Y.B. living in Osmaniye, was gravely injured by the man she wanted to break up. It has been learnt that Y.B. was continuously being subjected to violance by the same person, he also tried to burn Y.B. with gasoline. It’s been found out that before the incident, Y.B. said to her daughter: ‘If I ring your phone, call the police immediately. This man is coming to kill me.’’ Y.B. is still struggling for her life.


19 years old Edanur Babur who lives in Tekirdağ, returned to her family after a discussion with the man she is married to, Bilgin Babur. Bilgin went to Edanur’s family place with excuse of settlement. He killed Edanur’s father İbrahim Batarya and gravely injured her mother Gülşen Batarya. Gülşen is struggling for her life.


21 years old D.A. who lives in Diyarbakır, found to be shot with a gun and gravely injured. It has been found out that the man D.A is married to tried to kill her, making it look like a suicide.


S.P. who lives in Diyarbakır, was attacked by the man she was married to, with a sharp object. S.P. is struggling for her life.


18 years old İpek Er, who lived in Batman, attempted suicide last month, after she suffered from sexual abuse by Musa Orhan. 1 day after her suicide attempt, the perpetrator has been taken into custody, and then released on bail. İpek lost her life in August. As a result of reactions on social media, an indictment for major sexual assault has been filed and Musa Orhan had once again been arrested. However, it is decided that he is not able to abscond and once again, he was released. Prosecution objected the decision, but the objection has been rejected.


According to the expert report in the investigation of 21 years old Gülistan Doku, who has been missing since January 5, the claim that Gülistan jumped into the dam was not true. As of August, the research of Gülistan by draining the water of the dam was terminated.


Last year, it has been found out that Emine Bulut, who has been murdered in front of her daughter’s eyes by the man she was married to, went to police station 4 hours before she got killed. Kırıkkale Public Prosecutor held an inquiry against 4 police forces who did not take actions by deciding that there is no risk. Kırıkkale Governorate did not allow the inquiry by stating that there is no malpractice.


In the case of the murder of Ceren Özdemir, who was killed with a sharp object in the middle of the street in December last year, a decision of non-prosecution was given in the negligence investigation opened against public officials. 

All these examples show how vital the full and effective implementation of the Istanbul Convention and 6824 is for women. In order to protect women effectively, cautionary decisions should be implemented, the process should be followed, all units of the state should protect women's rights and public officials who do not fulfill their duties should not go unpunished. 


Suspicious femicides must be disclosed immediately.


As we have been announcing in our reports recently, number of suspicious women deaths presented as suicide or natural death, and number of women suspiciously found dead had increased dramatically during the pandemic process. Unfortunately, suspicious women deaths can be more tough than femicides. It is necessary to reveal whether or not the

women were murdered, killed by accident, killed due to gender-based violence (to consider the incident a femicide), committed suicide, or dragged into suicide.


17 year-old Duygu Delen who lived in Gaziantep died suspiciously after falling from the 4th floor-apartment of his friend, Mehmet Kaplan. Mehmet Kaplan was arrested and the investigation continues.

 21 year-old Ceyda Yüksel who lived in İzmir was found dead in Serkan Dindar’s house. She was found to have deep glass cuts in her body. Serkan Dindar was arrested with accusation of femicide and the investigation continues.


37 years-old, 2 month-old pregnant and mother of 4 children, P.A living in Van was found dead suspiciously in a tandoori house and the investigation continues.

Monna Rai, who lives in Gaziantep was suspiciously found dead in the house in which she was working, the investigation continues.

23 suspicious women deaths we found out in August must be revealed as soon as possible. What needs to be done is clear: Protection law numbered 6284 and İstanbul Convention should be implemented fully and effectively with all institutions and organizations. Investigations of suspicious women deaths should be carefully examined and get concluded rapidly.

What happened about women in August?  

Angela, living in Italy and abused by her partner, called the emergency line pretending to order pizza. The police understood she needed help and came to the house in 3 minutes to arrest the abuser.


Women of Denmark are struggling to get the “Consent Law” that accepted in Sweden and Greece. According to current regulations, in order to call an intercourse a rape, the abused person must clearly say “no” and defend themselves. According to the law requested to pass, a sexual act without the consent of either party is described as “rape”.

 Misogynist discourses and implementations continue

 Newsreader Melih Şendil made another misogynistic statement against equality: “Football is such a patriachic game, voleyball fits women so much but to me women should not be in football. Basketball is also a male game to me.” Thanks to the reactions especially in social media, he apologized to all of his audience, especially women.

In the “Family and Marital-life” document composed by The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services for Family Education Program, it is stated that “Nowadays couples deplete the feeling of love quickly and consider the end of love as a reason for divorce.”




57-year-old Fatma Altun living in Osmaniye,was killed with e firearm by Mehmet Altun, the man she was married to.


28-year-old Sevgi Yavuz living with her mother in Kahramanmaraş for a period of time, was killed with a firearm due to economic reasons by Ali Yavuz, the man she was in divorce process.


30-year-old Hatice Şimşek living in Antalya,was killed by Gökhan Ç., the man she was in relationship with. The perpetrator who previously had 11 criminal records attempted to cover up the truth by saying that 'the victim was under the influence of alcohol and fell off' in his first given statement.


31-year-old Yonca Tatarka living in Balıkesir, was killed by S.T.,the man she recently got divorced, in the middle of the street. She was shot with a firearm.


36-year-old, mother of 3 children Dilek Akbulut living in Ankara, was killed with a firearm by the man she was married, Bekir Akbulut in her workplace with the excuse of 'jealousy.'


41-year-old Makhfırat Ashurova living in Istanbul was killed with a firearm by the man claimed to be her friend with the excuse of 'being insulted by the victim'.


7-year-old Dilan Karataş living in Hatay was killed by her father Cengiz Karataş by hanging her from a tree in forestry after she was taken from her mother's with the excuse of spending time together.


31-year-old Merve Yeşiltaş living in Ordu was burned with gasoline by Soner D.,with whom she lived.


İkbal Polat living in Adana was killed with a firearm at her home by her son Tolga Polat, who was also the deputy-governor of Hatay.


26-year-old, mother of 2 children Gizem Filiz living in İzmir was killed by Aykut H.,the man she got divorced 2 years ago, by strangling. It is revealed that there was a suspension order against Aykut H. and the perpetrator  broke into the apartment, that the victim was residing with her mother, by climbing up from the balcony.


35-year-old Şahime Erdoğan was killed with a firearm at her home by Hulusi Çelik,the man she recently got divorced.


40-year-old, mother of 7 children Dudu Çağın living in Antalya was killed with a sharp object by the man she was married to, Metin Çağın, whom the victim was living seperately for a while, had a suspension order against and then reconciled for the sake of her daughter's wedding, with the excuse of 'jealousy'. The perpetrator said that he committed the murder 'knowingly and willfully'.


68 yers old Altue El Hassan living in Kilis and has been missing since 8 August, was strangled to death by the man she was married to, and buried in the ground floor of the apartment where they lived.

Süreyya Şehmus Çiçek, 56-year-old mother of 2 children, was beaten and killed when she was hit with a pistol grip by the man she was married to. It appears that three weeks before her death, Süreyya used the “Istanbul Convention Saves Lives, Apply 6284” frame on her profile picture of her social media accounts.

Fatma Esra Dirlikli living Nevşehir and left her house to move in with her mother, was taken to a deserted land by Mustafa D., the man she was married to and she was shot with a firearm with the excuse of talking.

47-year-old Rozygul Rejepova living in İstanbul, was murdered with a sharp object by Annamuhammet Y., whom she had just met, in a warehouse.


22-year-old Ebru Tekin mother of two children, living in Batman, was killed with a firearm in the middle of the street by Muhammed D., the man she was divorced from 15 months ago due to being subjected to violence.

22-year-old A.A, mother of two children, living in Gaziantep, was killed with a sharp object by H.A., the man she was married to.

Nurbari M., a 17-year-old living in Şanlıurfa, was killed with a sharp object at her house by her brother with the excuse of not giving him money.

Aynur Sülükoğlu, 47-year-old living in Eskişehir, was killed with a sharp object by Hicazi Sülükoğlu, the man she was married to, in the garden of their house.

35-year-old Arzu Gül Komekova, living in İstanbul, was killed at her house with a firearm by Necati Yılmaz, the man she was together with.

Naime Ceylan, a 36-year-old mother of 1 child living in Denizli, was killed with a sharp object by Ali Rıza Katıdaş, the man she was divorced from 11 years ago, in front of the dialysis center she visits to get treatment.

Remziye Yoldaş, 29-year-old mother of 1 child, living in Diyarbakır, was shot with a firearmin the middle of the street by prison runaway Veysi Yoldaş, the man she was married to. It was revealed that Remziye filed a complaint six days prior to her death, due to receiving death threats from the perpetrator.

Sibel Şirin, a 32-year-old mother of 3 children, living in Kütahya, was shot with a firearm by her former neighbour B.K. with the excuse of being in debt.

50-year-old Meliha Kaya living in Mardin, was shot with a firearm by Ekrem Özel, who is the father of the women that is married to her son, in a terrain.

Dilan Toptaş, visiting Van for a weekend trip, was killed with a firearm by H.İ.S, a man she knew, inside of a vehicle. The perpetrator tried to make the femicide look like a traffic accident.

Sevim Sökmensuer, a 37-year-old living in İstanbul, was killed with a sharp object at her house by Orhan Aktaç, the man she wanted to break up with.