2020 November Report of We Will End Femicide Platform
In November 2020, there have been 29 femicides by men, 10 women died suspiciously.

2020 November Report*

In November, 29 Femicides, 10 Suspicious Deaths

The debate regarding withdraw from the Istanbul Convention has been closed thanks to the struggle of women. The struggle to stop femicides have been continuing for 10 years in Turkey. Our platform has been announcing femicide data that we identified the need to the public since 2010. The Ministry, which is responsible for announcing the data, distorts the facts by saying that the femicide data were prepared incorrectly, instead of explaining how many women were killed, why, how and by whom. According to the Istanbul Convention, the state has an obligation to disclose statistics. In addition to explaining the reality of femicide and suspicious deaths of women, it is also the duty of the state to put into practice concrete solutions to stop femicide. We will continue to struggle to activate all relevant ministries and all mechanisms in order to fulfill this task.

The reason of 15 femicides could not be determined

This month, 29 femicides were committed, 10 women were found suspiciously dead. It could not be determined why 15 out of the 29 women were killed, 1 woman was killed out of economical reasons and 13 were killed while trying to make a decision about their own life, such as wanting to divorce, refusing to make peace, refusing to marry and rejecting the relationship. The fact that the reason 15 femicides could not be identified is a result of making the violence against women and femicide invisible. Unless it is determined by whom and why the women were killed; unless a fair trial is made, suspects, defendants and murderers receive deterrent punishments and preventive measures are not implemented, violence against women continues increasingly.

By whom were women killed?

Of the 29 women killed in November, the perpatrators of 10 women are the men they were married to, 5 were the men they were with, 1 was the man she was with, 4 were the men they were married to previously, 2 were their relatives, 2 were their fathers, 1 was her brother, 1 was her son and 2 were someone familiar. The proximity of the people who caused the death of 1 woman could not be determined.

Most women were killed in their homes 

20 out of 29 the women were killed at their homes, 4 in the middle of the street, 3 at work, and 1 in the land. The place where 1 of them was killed could not be determined. This month, 69 percent of the women were killed in their homes.

Most of the women were killed with firearms

18 women were killed with firearms, 8 by the use of cutting tools, and 3 by drowning.

Employment status of women still cannot be determined 

It is very difficult to determine the employment status of women. We think that this important data should also be taken into consideration by press members. According to the data announced by TURKSTAT this month, the number of women "engaged in housework" decreased by 1 million 338 thousand compared to the previous year. Based on this data, the number of women who are not even considered as labor force  according to TURKSTAT reached 10 million 079 thousand in August 2020.  TURKSTAT's explanation of the data in this way is a way to cover up the real dimension of women's unemployment. Not taking women into work force or ending their employmemts, make women more vulnerable to the dangers of gender-based discrimination, violence and femicide. According to the available data, 5 women are employed in a workplace and the working status of 24 women are unknown. 

*Women in Workforce Will Protect Their Rights and Their Health #VestelBoykot *

Thanks to women working at Vestel last August, we learned that there were more than 1000 cases and 7 deaths due to the Covid-19 at the factory. For this reason, members of the Worker Women's Assembly working in Vestel, carried out an action because they were not employed in suitable conditions for a global pandemic. Vestel then made a statement and said that they increased the measures for a suitable working enviorment for the pandemic conditions. Despite this, 1  member of   Worker Women's Assembly was fired . Another woman who was working in Vestel and witnessed the fired worker woman on the same issue was fired this this month.  This incident, which took place in the month with the agenda of November 25, once again showed companies that spend millions when it comes to gender equality and women's empowerment during 8th of March and 25th of November, are being inequal, anti-women and anti-workers in their internal affairs. By taking the #VestelBoykot decision, the Worker Women's Assembly will continue to work for reinstating workers, return their rights which have been usurped, and provide workers with measures to protect them from covid-19.

To Stop Violence, Impunity and Femicides We Will Implement the Istanbul Convention

This month, women all around Turkey gathered to protest in order to stop violence, impunity and femicide for 25th of November International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. University Women's Councils and Worker Women's Councils were also protesting. Women's Council organized everything step by step from homes to schools, from schools to factories, from factories to the streets, to continue our fight for our right to live free and equal, not only on November 25, but every day.

There is a result  that we say in the reports we prepare every month, we see the in the courts where we follow the cases, we hear from the women who call our application welcoming committee, and we experience by living on the street, at school and at home: In this country, the Istanbul Convention is not implemented effectively and fully. In this month when the struggle and solidarity are most intense The Ministry of Interior, which does not take any responsibility, made statements and shares. While we women want to read the news "There has been no femicide this month", The fact that only 4 women decreased in October was tried to be shown as a success by writing in capital letters that there was a 14% decrease compared to the previous year. We would like to remind you that by manipulating data, you are making women's lifes even more worthless. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said in his statement,"Where did these violence against women and femicide come from? Here I'm calling all men, pull yourselves together." He claimed that the ministries had declared mobilization to prevent violence. In another program he attended, he made some accusations against women fighting against femicides, saying, "Those women who write currencies to their hand and thinking they are helping femicide problems are wrong"

She said to the women, "You have a job to do, embrance the family, this job can't be done by tweeting and shouting slogans. Then, let us remind again the responsibility of the state as every month: this work is done by the effective and complete implementation of the Law No. 6284 and the Istanbul Convention by all institutions and organizations. But we see protection or removal orders from the murdered women's bags, women are killed by men who have repeatedly complained to the police station but were not taken action, women are being killed in the street by a man they do not know, Perpetrators of femicides still get discounts in this country because they wear ties. If the Law No. 6284 and the Istanbul Convention were implemented fully; women would not be killed, and we would not be seeking justice for dozens of women on social media every month.  The Ministry of Interior published a detailed femicide report for the first time this month after years of struggle. We will follow the transparency of the report every month and continue our struggle until the 6284 and the Istanbul Convention are implemented. This month, Özlem Zengin from AKP said that it is difficult to detect femicides. We have been producing femicide reports every month for years. Women who have the strength and determination to fight to stop femicide are explaining how to overcome this difficulty with their slogans on the streets, with their currency in the squares, with their tweets on the social media, with their posters on the walls, with their lawyers in courtrooms. We invite all women who want to participate in our organized, political and collective struggle to fill our participation form.

It is not impossible to detect and stop femicide; femicide and gender-based violence can be prevented. 

6284 and its results

Regulating many measures such as suspension and close protection for the perpetrators; Law No. 6284, which recognized many rights from empowering women financially to changing their identity information, and entered into force as a result of the struggle of women's organizations for years, protects women if implemented effectively.Law No. 6284, which was introduced to protect women and prevent violence, became possible after the signing of the Istanbul Convention.

While there is no information on whether 25 of the women who were murdered in November had protection orders, only 8 women had judicial applications of police complaint, divorce appeals, suspension or protection order.

Aycan Kıncı, aged 23, who is living in İzmir and she is the mother of 2 children. Burak Kıncı, the man who she was in divorce process with, has invited her to a store with the excuse of talking. In the store, she was brutally and seriously injured by a sharp object. Aycan is struggling for her life. 

Vera Chikareva, aged 35, who is living in Ankara, decided to get a divorce because of Salih G. inflicting violence and got a suspension order. She was subjected to violence by Salih G.. The perpetrator was detained and then released. 

Özge K. living in Karaman was injured with a firearm by Hakan K., with whom she was in divorce process, in the house they met to talk.

Hande Çinkitaş, aged 12 and living in İstanbul, was found brutally murdered with a sharp object 19 years ago at her home. 19 years later, it became evident that her father, Nezih Çinkitaş, was the killer whose DNA was also found on the murder weapon, the knife.

In front of Hacer Ç.’s house in Nevşehir, Bayram Ç., who Hacer Ç. wanted to divorce, installed a bomb set-up.   

A while ago, M.A. living in Antalya wanted to get divorced from F.A. and she moved to her family’s house. After F.A. shoot the house of M.A.’s family, F.A. was penalized with 45 days of suspension order. Later on F.A. tried to poison the family by sending poisoned baklava to their home. M.A.’s father, M.K. who was poisoned is in intensive care unit and the perpetrator F.A. is imprisoned.   

Hülya B. living in Ordu, was shot with a firearm by Mustafa B, the father of the man she is married to, with the excuse of Hülya B. wanting to leave the house and returning to her family. Hülya is struggling for her life.

The vital importance of full and effectual appliation of İstanbul Convention and 6284 is shown by these examples. For women to be effectively protected the preventative measures should be applied, the process should be followed, each unit of the government should be protecting women’s rights and the public officials who are not fulfilling their duties should not be left with impunity.  

Suspicious deaths of women should immediately be enlightened

For a while, as we have also expressed in our reports, suspicious deaths of women and women who were found dead in a suspicious manner that are presented as suicide or natural death are immensely increasing during the period of pandemic. Suspicious deaths of women are sadly harsher than femicides. Whether the women were murdered or not, whether they died accidentally, whether they were murdered due to gender related issues or not (whether it is a femicide or not), whether they have committed suicide or not, whether they were lead to suicide or not should be enlightened.

This year in september, S.N.A. who lives in Ankara brought to the hospital by the police officer Müslüm A., whom she was married to, alleging that she committed suicide. It came out as S.N.A murdered by Müslüm A. with a firearm.

16-year-old Mihriban T., who lives in Çanakkale, when she was brought to the hospital by her family said that her phone exploded while she was on the phone.During the examination of Mihriban's body, who lost her life, shots were found on her head.The investigation get deepened when a rifle was found in Mihriban's home during the search by law enforcement officers.

17-year-old Gamze Açar, who lives in Ankara, suspiciously fell from the 5th floor of a building and died.

53-year-old Melihat Tuncel, who lives in Afyonkarahisar, was found suspiciously dead by a cutting tool in the backyard of her house.

47-year-old Güllü Dokuyucu, a mother of 4 children who lives in Germany but recently came to her hometown Gaziantep, was beaten by Süleyman Dokuyucu, whom she was married to, during an argument in the car, and then she died suspiciously after falling from the vehicle.

Suspicious deaths of 10 women we learned in November should be revealed as soon as possible. What to do is obvious; The Protection Law No. 6284 and the Istanbul Convention should be implemented effectively and fully together with all institutions and organizations. Investigations of suspected female deaths must be carefully examined and concluded as soon as possible. 

What happened in November about woman?

General representive of We Will Stop Femicides Platform Gülsüm Kava takes place in BBC's 100 inspiring and influential womans of 2020 list.

In Poland, because of the abortion ban, which followed the decision of the high court, womans filled the streets and went on strike. After the reactions, it was announced that the implementation of the decision was delayed.

Some new legal arrangements have been made in the United Arab Emirates. According to the regulations, the law clause, which provides for the reduction of punishments for femicides on the pretext of "honor", was annulled, and living together of unmarried people was excluded from criminalization.

According to the decision taken in Scotland, women's hygiene products will now be free of charge throughout the country.

Sabina Orellana was assigned as the Minister of the "Ministry of Cultures, Decolonization and the Elimination of Male Sovereignty", which was established in Bolivia for the first time in the world history. 

Stories of the 29 women killed in November's struggle for life


Fatma Mavi, 31, who lives in Istanbul, is believed to have died in an explosion at her home. As a

result of the research, he was with a male adult A. it is revealed that he was first strangled to death under the pretext of jealousy, and then burned by pouring gasoline on his house.

Neslihan Yılmaz, a 36-year-old mother of 2 children living in Antalya, was brutally killed with a cutting tool in a wooded area under the pretext of custody of the children by Anıl Kahraman, whom she was formerly married to.After the murder, he went to Neslihan's brother's House and said, “I did what you couldn't.”

Gultekin C. Mother of 3 children in the divorce stage living in Mersin Gulser Ç. He killed Gulser's mother, Nuran Altunay, and Gulser's brother, Mislina Yilmaz, with a firearm. In June July, Gulser received a 1-month suspension, and in July, the measure was lifted.

Ozlem B, who lives in Siirt, married to male Specialist Sergeant Can b. he was shot and killed by a firearm in his home.

Adam Ö. killed Nefik Ozturk, 50, who he was married to living in Ankara, and his daughter, 26-year-old Seher Ozturk, in their home with a firearm, under the pretext of being near his son.

Cennet Tuğba Tokbaş, 22, a university student living in Denizli, was strangled to death in his home by Erol Hakver, the man he was with, under the pretext of jealousy.

Emine P., 73, who lives in Malatya, he was married and had a restraining order against him. he was shot and killed by a firearm in his home.

Saadet Korkmaz, 37-year-old mother of 2 children living in Aksaray, left Ramazan T. he was stabbed to death where he worked, under the pretext that Saadet did not want to meet. “I have no regrets,” the perpetrator said.

23-year-old Çilem Kılıç, who lived in Izmir and whose request for protection was rejected, was shot with a firearm in the middle of the street by Alper Gül, with whom he was formerly married. After the murder, the perpetrator went to Çilem's mother's house and injured her mother Selime Özduran and her guest Sibel Yarci.

Serap Ozkan, 44, who lived in Kocaeli, was shot and killed by Veysel Ozkan, who was in the process of divorce, in his home under the pretext that SERAP refused to make up.

Mustafa Kocabıyık killed 50-year-old Nergüzel Kocabıyık and his 22-year-old daughter Melike Kocabıyık in their home with a cutting tool. The perpetrator was caught smoking on the balcony after the murder.

Tülay Sivil, 38, living in Istanbul, was shot and killed by Erdem D., whom she was married to, in front of her house with a firearm.

Elif Yakın, 24, a mother of 2 children living in Konya, by her partner Seyfullah K. she was killed with a firearm on the pretext that she swore at her. It turned out that Elif had a 1 month suspension order against the perpetrator in August.

H.Z., 72, living in İzmir, was killed at her home with a sharp object by İ.Z., whom she was married.

39 year old Hafize Günakın, who lives in Muğla, was injured with a sharp object by petty officer Volkan Erdem, because of the excuse of jealousy and leaving whom she wanted to leave, then with firearm killed.

Serpil Şahin, 28, a mother of 6 children living in Kahramanmaraş, was killed by his married Taner Şahin in in a jealous excuse and firearm at home with a firearm in front of his children.

Serap Çetiner, 36, a mother of 1 child living in İzmir, in the house with sharp tool as was killed was found. After the investigation, it turned out that she was killed by Hasan A., with whom she was with.

Alev Seçer, 33 years old mother of 2 children living in Çorum, in front of the eyes of your children, recently divorced man follow Ercan Ö. by she was firearm dead with a gun in her house.

Gülizar Özçiftçi, 64, living in Çorum, she was killed with a firearm by Gencel Kıltepe, to whom his doughter was married. It was learned that Gülizar was previously battered by the perpetrator and although Gülizar was detained for kidnapping her 3 year old grandson, she was released on condition of judicial control.

Makbule Sarı, 74, living in Ordu, she was tied with a pig tie by Hayrettin Görgülü and Serkan Uluz and was killed at her home. After the perpetrators killed Makbule, they stole money and property from the house.

Hasret Yüksekkavas, 32, a mother of 1 child living in Eskişehir, was killed by her brother Emrah T. with a sharp object.

Leyla Öztürk, 23, living in Mersin, she was killed by her relative Sebahattin Öztürk, with a firearm, in front of her workplace on the pretext that she did not want to speak.

Yurdagül Özkan, 56, living in Kahramanmaraş, by his son Hakan Özkan she was brutally killed in her home with a sharp object.

Cemile Nur Acar, 23, a mother of 1 child living in Bilecik, by Onur Acar who is in divorce phase, she was had attacked by with a firearm while leaving the courthouse. Cemile, who struggled to survive for 12 days, died.

Nilay Karaaslan, a mother of 2 children living in Edirne, she was shot and killed by a firearm at her workplace by M.E.K., who was at the stage of divorce and had a decision to be suspended.


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