2020 Report of We Will End Femicide Platform
In 2020, 300 Femicides Have Been Committed By Men and 171 Women Found Suspiciously Dead

2020 Annual Report*

The year of 2020 ends with an extraordinary period that it experiences the coronavirus with the whole world and Turkey. Extraordinary precautions were taken against extraordinary conditions in many parts of the world during this pandemic. In this process that everyone should stay home, these conditions also created difficulties for women. As We Will Stop Femicides Platform Women Assembly, Violence Prevention Guide was prepared which sets out the plans to be made for all the institutions against the risk of coronavirus outside and the risk of violence within houses for the process of pandemic that came to our lives in March. The pandemic is not over yet in the world and in Turkey. However, the incidents that we have been through in 2020 moved the women’s fight forward and made it bigger.

In Turkey, Istanbul Convention was opened up for discussion by misogynists and opponents of equality, and the attacks to the convention has increased. While these attacks continue, the brutal murder of Pınar Gültekin who was living in Muğla made a strong impact. The women all around Turkey came together in squares to stop the femicides, to end the violence against women and mass actions were performed. With our fight, the government trying to discuss the withdrawal from Istanbul Convention backed down. We continue our fight by saying that it is not enough to back down and that we will fully enforce the Istanbul Convention.

The Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services made manipulative statements almost every month instead of revealing the facts about femicide and suspicious female deaths. We said, “Don’t distort the data, explain the facts''. We said, “12 months is enough to stop the femicides''. We explained all the steps to be taken one by one.

While this process continues with attacks against the Istanbul Convention and the women who defend the Istanbul Convention, we learned that only 7% of the society advocates for leaving the Istanbul Convention, according to the results of the research conducted by Konda(One of the survey companies in Turkey). Thus, the discussion of withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention was finalised thanks to the fight of women. The fight of ending the femicides in Turkey continues for 10 years. As a platform, we have been announcing femicide data to the public since 2010, when we identified the need. The Ministry, which is responsible for disclosing the data, continues to distort the facts by saying that the femicide data were prepared incorrectly, instead of explaining how many women were killed, why, how and by whom. However, in 2020, we finally made the Ministry of Interior announce the data on femicide. According to the Istanbul Convention, the state has an obligation to disclose statistics. In addition to explaining the reality of femicide and suspicious deaths of women, it is also the duty of the state to put into practice concrete solutions to stop femicides. Instead of providing these, they tried Las Tesis in 2020, we will continue to say Judge the Murderers, Not Women, Not Las Tesis, and we will continue to fight to make all relevant ministries and all mechanisms to fulfill all these duties.

During the last days of December, 4 of our female friends were killed in one day. We will not remain silent for Aylin Sözer, Selda Taş, Vesile Dönmez, Betül Tuğluk and for all women murdered, we protested all around Turkey saying that we will stop the femicides. Women who said that we will stop femicides were detained in Ankara.

This year, 300 femicides have been committed, 171 women were found suspiciously dead. It could not be determined why 182 of the 300 women were killed, 22 women were killed due to economical reasons, 96 women were killed while trying to make a decision about their own life, such as wanting to divorce, refusing to make peace, refusing to marry, and rejecting the relationship. Not identifying the pretext of these 182 femicides is a result of the violence against women and femicides being made invisible. Unless it is determined by whom and why the women were killed; Unless a fair trial is made, suspects, defendants and murderers receive deterrent punishments and preventive measures are not implemented, violence continues to gradually increase.


We would like to share with you the names of the women, names of the lives, that were killed in December:

Of the 23 women killed in December, 7 women were killed by the men they were married to, 5 women were killed by the men they were with, 1 woman was killed by the man she was with previously, 3 women were killed by the men they were married to previously, 3 women were killed by their fathers, 3 women were by their sons, 1 was by an acquaintance.

17 women were killed at their homes, 2 in the middle of the street, 2 at their workplace, 1 in a hotel, and 1 in a car. 74 percent of the women murdered this month were killed in their homes.

13 were killed by firearms, 8 by cutting tools, and 2 by choking.

Who killed women in 2020?

Of the 300 women killed in 2020, 97 were by the men they were married to, 54 were by the men they were with, 38 were by acquaintances, 21 were by the men they were married to previously, 18 were by their sons, 17 were by their fathers, 16 were by their relatives, 8 were by the men they were with previously, 5 were by their brothers, 3 were by someone they did not know. It could not be determined the degree of people who killed 23 women.


In 2020, women were killed mostly at their homes.

181 women were killed at their homes, 48 were in the middle of the streets, 15 were at their workplace, 14 were at a terrain, 11 were at a car, 5 were at a hotel, 4 were at a lone area, 1 was at a woodyard, 1 was at a hairdresser. Other places, where 20 other women were killed, could not be detected.60 percent of the women who were killed in this year were killed in their homes.


In 2020, women were killed mostly with a firearm

170 women were killed by a firearm, 83 by sharp objects, 26 by strangulation, 10 by battering, 2 by burning to death, 1 by chemical substances and 1 by falling from high.


In 2020, employment status of women still cannot be determined

It is very difficult to determine the employment status of women. We think that this data should also be taken into account by press members. According to the data announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK or TurkStat), the number of women "engaged in housework" decreased by 1 million 348 thousand this month compared to the previous year. Thus, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute, the number of women who are not even considered as labor force reached 10 million 056 thousand in September 2020. TUIK’s explanation of the data in this way is an attempt to cover up the real dimension of women's unemployment. Women who are not included in working life or removed from employment become more vulnerable to the dangers of gender-based discrimination, violence and femicide. According to the available data, 45 of the women work in a workplace and the working status of 247 women is unknown


Law No. 6284 and its consequences

When Law No. 6284 is effectively enforced, which regulates many precautions such as close protection towards women and restraining of the perpetrators, empowers women financially and allows them to change their credentials and which also came into effect as a result of women’s organizations’ years of fights, it protects women. Passing into the law No. 6284, which was introduced to protect women and prevent violence, became possible after the signing of the Istanbul Convention.

While it is not known whether 263 of the women killed in 2020 had a protection order; It is known that only 23 women had gained restraining or protection orders, and 45 women’s complaints to the police shows that they were at the stage of divorce.

This month, it was found out that Tuğba Erçakar was battered and threatened with death by the man she wanted to leave, and the perpetrator was released despite the battery report. The perpetrator was detained after being summoned for testimony for the third time after the complaints.

 Sema Kozak, who lives in Burdur, responded with a mop handle to the man who attacked her while she was working. Although Sema's teeth were broken as a result of violence, the mop handle was considered a weapon and Sema was fined 1,680 Turkish Liras.

Çağla Çiçekçi, stabbed by the man she left in Zonguldak, now she is struggling for her life in the hospital.

Ceyhan Eneş, who lives in Mardin, was subjected to violence again by the man whom she had restraining order, when the period of restraining ended.

Kevser El-Isa Hasan, who lives in Adana, was battered by the man with whom she was living in the same house on the pretext of jealousy and was injured with a sharp object. Kevser survived when her neighbors informed the police.

D.U., who lives in Mersin, was shot with a firearm in the middle of the street by the man she wanted to divorce. The perpetrator who escaped could not be caught.

All these examples show how vital the full and effective implementation of the Istanbul Convention and the law numbered 6284 are for women. In order to protect women effectively, cautionary decisions should be implemented, the process should be followed, all units of the state should protect women's rights and public officials who do not fulfill their duties should not go unpunished.


Suspicious Female Deaths Must be Immediately Clarified

As we have explained in our reports, there has been a serious increase in the number of suspicious female deaths presented as suicide or natural death, and the number of women who were found dead in a suspicious way, along with the pandemic process. Suspicious female deaths can, unfortunately, be even more difficult than femicide. Whether women were killed or not, whether they actually died by accident, whether women were killed on a gender basis (whether it was a femicide), whether they committed suicide or whether they were driven to suicide need to be revealed.

Ayşegül K., who lived in Samsun and has been missing since December 2, was found suspiciously dead in Altınkaya Dam.

Vera Chikareva, 35, who lives in Ankara, had a restraining order against Salih G. because she was subjected to violence, whom she was at the stage of divorce with. Vera was found suspiciously dead in her home.

12-year-old T. A., living in Sivas, was found suspiciously hanged in her home.

M.K. living in Manisa, was found suspiciously hanged in her home.

26-year-old Cansu Karcı, who lives in Antalya and works as a security guard, was found suspiciously hanged at home.

The suspicious deaths of 171 women we found out in 2020 should be revealed as soon as possible. What to do is obvious; The Protection Law No. 6284 and the Istanbul Convention should be implemented effectively and fully together with all institutions and organizations. Investigations of suspicious female deaths must be carefully examined and concluded quickly.


We have overcome a lot in 2020, we continued to fight in every field.

Long Live Women!

We are in courtrooms, courthouses.

In 2020, thousands of women applied to the Women’s Assemblies because they were subjected to violence, wanted to prosecute and women were killed. Every month, many women tried to make their voice heard by saying ‘I don’t want to die!’ via social media and television channels because their legal applications were not processed and their rights were violated. As Women’s Assemblies, we pursued justice from one courthouse to another courthouse every day and we exposed the murder of Şule Çet. We have been with those who are subjected to violence against not only femicide, but also all kinds of violence against women and child abuse and their families, relatives. Our fight against child abuse, all kinds of violence against women and femicide continues.

We are in factories, workplaces.

In 2020, we prosecuted to increase Covid-19 measures with the Workers’ Women’s Assemblies. We have stated ‘Working Women will never walk alone.’ . During the pandemic period, we made our voice heard with our banners from our houses on May 1, which we spent the day in quarantine and isolation to be protected against Covid-19. Being in our homes did not prevent our voice to be heard for our freedoms and rights from all over Turkey and even from abroad with our organized fight. All women from Turkey, ‘Give Paid Time Off For Workers!’, ’The 6384  Law Save Life For Women!’ slogans has raised from their homes. In November, the Workers’ Women’s Assemblies have decided to boycott Vestel (#VestelBoykot), we stood up together with our friends who were fired from Manisa Vestel and we made their voice heard in Turkey.

We also fight together against the violations of rights of women who work in stores, markets, textile workshops and factories. We fight against not even counted the workforce  with the excuse of ‘busy with housework.’ and disregarding our domestic labor. We prosecute against unemployment, assurance and flexible working conditions, lower wages, extortions of seniority  indemnity and non-unionism. Workers! Women’s Assemblies continue to work for the return of workers to their jobs, the return of the usurped rights and the provision of measures to protect workers from Covid-19.

We are in the schools and universities

As the attacks on the İstanbul Convention continued we joined forces with University Women’s Assemblies. According to the 2021 Presidency Annual Programme published in the Official Newspaper, it was revealed that there is a plan to establish a “women’s university” that will be available only for women. An academician at Sakarya University, Ebubekir Sofuoğlu’s statement saying universities resembled a “house for prostitution” was only one of the words attacking on the freedom and equality of women. Despite all these attacks, women organizing within universities continue their fight for their rights and freedom within the universities in which they want to ensure gender equality, as well as on the streets. We will spread our fight for our right to have an equal life regardless of the sexist and reactionist education to every school campus.

Life struggle stories of 23 women murdered in December

41-year-old Yasemin Aydın living in Ankara was shot in the head by Fatih Alşan, the man whom she used to be with, inside a car with the excuse of not accepting to make peace with him.

Ece Çiçek, an 18-year-old living in Konya was killed with a sharp object in her house by the man she was married to, Sabri Çiçek, with the excuse of jealousy. It was revealed that their neighbour heard her scream “help me, he will stab me”. However, when they went into the house, the two seemed calmed down and the neighbour went back out.

Raci Arslan, who got out of prison 3 months ago and has 26 criminal records murdered the women he used to be married to, 50-year-old Gülçin Karabıyık with the excuse of not giving money to him and their two daughters who were home at the time, 17-year-old Cansu Arslan and 24-year-old Burçin Arslan with a firearm.

Yazgül Soro, 57-year-old mother of six living in İzmir was murdered with a sharp object by the man she was married to with the excuse of spending too much time on her phone. It was reveald that the perpetrator tried hiding the body by covering with carpet.

25-year-old mother of two living in Muğla, Selvan Acar, was found murdered at her house. Investigation revealed that she was murdered by Tanju Acar, the man she was married to. It was discovered that Selvan had filed a complaint a while ago due to being subjected to violence and the perpetrator received a restraining order from the house.

Tüba Ateş aged 38 and living in Mersin was murdered with a sharp object by the man with whom she was living together, named İsmet Çoban with the excuse of jealousy.

Canan Çeviren aged 42, who was living in Manisa, was a real estate agent, was murdered by Ferhat İ. with a firearm. It was alleged that they were together.

Rasime G. who was living in Ankara and was the mother of 2 children was murdered by her Muzaffer E. with the excuse of jealousy in the middle of a street. Rasime G. and Muzaffer E. were together. It was learned that afterwards the perpetrator committed suicide with the same firearm.

Fulya Öztürk who was living in İzmir and aged 35, was murdered with a firearm in the patisserie she was working at by the man with whom she was divorced 2 years ago named Hasan Ozan Baştosun with the excuse of jealousy. It was learned that the perpetrator had two other offenses in his criminal record.

It was reported that Rayyan Soltanov aged 45 has commited suicide at a hotel in İstanbul. After the investigation it became evident that she was murdered by the man who she was with named Aliser Alymov and he made the murder look like a suicide.

Karina Demchenkoaged 40 and living in Antalya was strangled to death by the man she was with, Erhan Razı, with the excuse of jealousy. After the investigation, it became evident that the perpetrator kept the air conditioner open for Karina’s dead body not to smell. The body was found 10 days later.

Seher Çatalca, who was living in İstanbul and was the mother of 2 children, was murdered with a sharp object by the man with whom she was in midst of a divorce named Ceyhun Çatalca by the excuse of  Seher wanting to marry another person. It was learned that Seher brought a lawsuit against the perpetrator with the offense of libel on December 1st.

Zadife Yüzer who was living in Konya, a mother to 3 children and 6 months pregnant was murdered with a firearm by the man she was married to, named Ali Rıza Yüzer in front of her children. The perpetrator was detained and it was learned that he has said “I am not regretful” in his statement.

In Iğdır, Serkan Kayar has pulled out a knife on his sister because he got angry that she was texting. Hanım Kayar, who is the mother of Serkan Kayar intervened and was murdered with this sharp object he had in his hand.

22-year-old Esma Nur Karadayı, who lives in  Konya, was killed by Muhammad Karadayi, whom she divorced 1 month ago, by shooting her with a firearm in the middle of the street. The perpetrator committed suicide with the same gun after the incident.

8-year-old  Hatice Acar, who lived in Bayburt, was shot and killed by her father Erdogan Acar with a firearm, under the pretext of  Hatice’s custody being given to the mother. The perpetrator also killed his 7-year-old son, committing suicide with the same gun after the incident.

Çiğdem Kırtay, who lives in Balıkesir, was killed with a firearm by Recep Kırtay, to whom she was married, on the pretext of jealousy.

Betul Tuğluk, 49, who lives in Izmir, was killed  with a sharp object by her son B. A.The perpetrator went up  to the  police patrol and confessed to killing his mother.

Selda T., a 38-year-old mother of three children, living in Malatya, was shot in the head by her Mehmet T., whom she was married to.  It was learned from his children that the perpetrator was addicted to drugs and that he was constantly arguing with Selda on suspicion of being cheated.

Aylin Sözer, a 48-year-old lecturer living in Istanbul, was killed by Kemal Ayyıldız, who first cut her throat and then burned. The perpetrator, who had gold belonging to Aylin on him, attacked law enforcement officers who tried to detain him.

Vesile Dönmez, 55-year-old, who lives in Gaziantep, was shot with a firearm in her home by her son Uğur Dönmez, who has given the excuse that she did not wake him up for breakfast.