2021 June Report of We Will End Femicide Platform
18 Women Killed by Men in June 2021, 20 Women Found Suspiciously Dead.


2021 June Report*


18 Femicide, 20 Suspicious Female Deaths in June


The fight to stop femicides in Turkey has been going on for 10 years. As the We Will Stop Femicides Platform, we have been releasing the femicide data to the public since 2010, the time when we identified the need. Instead of explaining how many women were killed, why, how and by whom, the Ministry of Interior distorts the facts by saying that the femicide data is prepared incorrectly. While explaining the reality of femicide and suspicious female deaths, it is the duty of the state to implement concrete solutions to stop femicides. We will continue to fight for the mobilization of all relevant ministries and mechanisms to fulfill this task.


The reason why 12 women were killed could not be determined.

 This month, 18 femicides were committed and 20 women were found suspiciously dead. It could not be determined on what pretext 12 of the 18 murdered women were killed; while 4 wanted to make decisions about their own lives such as wanting a divorce, refusing to reconcile, refusing to marry, rejecting a relationship; while 2 were killed on the pretext of economic reasons. The inability to determine the excuse for which 12 women were killed is a result of violence against women and femicides being rendered invisible. Unless it is determined by whom and why women were killed; unless a fair trial is made and the suspects, accused and murderers are not given deterrent punishments; unless preventive measures are implemented, violence continues to change in size.


By whom were the women killed?

Of the 18 women killed in June, 10 were killed by the man they are married to, 2 by a relative, 2 by a familiar person, 1 by her father, 1 by the man she has been with, 1 by a former partner, and 1 by the man she divorced with.

Women were killed mostly in their homes.

9 of the women were killed at home, 3 in the middle of the street, 2 at the workplace, 1 in a hotel, 1 in a deserted place and 1 in front of the school. The place where one woman was killed is unknown. 50 percent of women killed this month were killed in their homes.


Women were killed most often by firearms.

9 of them were killed by firearms, 4 of them by cutting tools, 2 of them by strangulation, 1 of them by beating, 1 of them by burning, 1 of them by cutting tools and firearms.


The employment status of women still cannot be determined

According to the available data, 3 of the murdered women work in a workplace, 1 of them does not work in a workplace, and the employment status of 14 women is unknown.


We do not give up on the Constitution, the Law, and the Istanbul Convention!

On June 19th, we were at the "We Don't Give Up on the Istanbul Convention" rally in Maltepe, Istanbul, coming all together with women and LGBTIQ+ organizations from all over Turkey. As Women's Assemblies of the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, we chanted the words"Apply the constitution, the law, the contract!". LGBTIQ+ Assemblies were also at the rally with their banners ``We do not give up on the Istanbul Convention for Equality and Freedom”. This rally, which was held with women and LGBTIQ+s from many parts of Turkey before the official exit from the Istanbul Convention which is July 1st, is a strong proof of our resistance and that we do not accept this unlawful decision. We are always on the streets with our strong and determined fight against those who allegedly take measures against femicide and violence against women, supporting the  withdrawal decision from the contract, do not carry out an effective investigation and prosecution in femicide and suspicious femicide deaths, try to deepen the discrimination against women and LGBTIQ+s, and hinder our actions. we will continue to be active and fight


Egalitarian Feminism Symbol: Starred Femina

Another important aspect of the rally for us was our new logo. We were in the streets for the first time with our starred femina after our debut saying “We will create an egalitarian feminism.” The starred femina is the symbol of our fight, saying that it is necessary to eliminate all kinds of inequality for equality. The 5 arms of the star, which has an international meaning as it represents the fight extending to 5 continents, are also the ends that are equidistant from the specific fight that those areas face. The basis of our fight for years is to ensure equality. We will continue to fight to eliminate all forms of inequality.

Reverse Handcuffs for Women, Remission for Perpetrators

This month, we were at the verdict hearing of the trial of 6 of our friends who were detained in Istanbul during the Las Tesis protest. Las Tesis is one of the strongest examples of the obstacles that this patriarchal system puts before us in the women's struggle. We left that courthouse, where an unfair trial began, with the acquittal of our friends. After this process, which didn't start justly but eventually came to a fair decision, we remind you again: we will not leave every courthouse of the country until justice is provided in every field we are fighting.

In the case of Ayşe Tuba Arslan, who was killed with a line in the middle of the street by the man whom she complained about to the police about 23 times, prior to the incident. The perpetrator was sentenced to 24 years as a result of the provocation discount. Ayşe Tuba was killed because she was not protected. She was killed as a result of the failure of the authorities, who said that they would not allow those who neglected their duties to take precautions in this regard. Those who do not provide protection and do not punish the perpetrator are those who try to legitimize male violence.


This month, we saw another unjust example of the judicial process regarding the suspect of Duygu Delen's murder. Defendant Mehmet Kaplan was released under house arrest.The investigation and prosecution process not being carried out effectively, and this decision made on top of it is unacceptable.  As a result of the reactions following the defendant’s release, he was arrested soon after.  We are following the case, and we will fight for Duygu until a fair process is run and a fair decision is taken.


In June last year, with their grandmother’s notice, it was revealed that two children were systematically abused. While the children’s statements included that they were forcibly abused by their mother and step father, as well as by their uncles and other men, and while the forensic medicine reports proved the abuse, a release decision was made for the mother and stepfather. You can not ignore all the evidence and release the perpetrators.  According to the 4th judicial package, which was announced at the same time,  in sexual abuse cases,  the suspect will not be arrested unless there is concrete evidence.  Do not try to create a judicial system that will try to cover up sexua labuse. We will not allow your efforts to legitimize sexual abuse, and we will continue to fight.


The State Council Should Stop the Execution!

Against the decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, we submitted our request to the Council of State in Ankara. Together with the Women's  Platform for Equality, which we are a part of, we made the statement  #Danıştayyürütmeyidurdur (for the council to stop the execution) in front of the Council of State. Our friends who made the statement once again faced obstacles from the police while exercising their constitutional and legal rights, but despite all the barriers and the inability of our friends to come together, we made our statement from two different points. Also, the police saying "there are laws other than the Constitution '' during the statement became a symbol of the deconstitutionalization process and arbitrariness. The President, who gave his defence as a result of the lawsuits brought before the Council of State since the beginning of the process, said the filed lawsuits were "unjust and devoid of a legal basis".  The withdrawal of an unfair and unjustified decision is not our struggle, but it is the decision of a single person to exit the contract.  In one of the applications, the Council of State rejected the request to stop the execution of the President's decision by a majority of votes.  Just as it is unconstitutional to leave an international contract with the decision of a single person; it is also illegal to come out with a majority instead of unanimity.  The decision to withdraw from the contract is unconstitutional from beginning to end.  We do not accept the decision taken by the President in one night nor the rejection decision of the Council of State, and we are not giving up on the IstanbulConvention.


President Erdoğan made “recommendations'' for unmarried people under the age of 30. Stop trying to interfere with the decisions we make, under the name of suggestion, we will make our own decisions.  The job of the authorities is not to interfere in our choices but to enforce the law and ensure that the people responsible obey it.  Another example of the effort to intervene in our lives was the decision taken under pandemic restrictions to put a time limit on music with the announcement, "noone has the right to disturb anyone at night". The announcement is clear proof that the decisions taken are not limited to the conditions of the pandemic and that the intervention in our lifestyles plays a role in these decisions.

LGBTIQ+ Assemblies: The Fight Continues for an Equal and Free Life

The police attacked a picnic in Maçka Park held as part of PrideWeek.  Again in the same week, the police detained dozens of people,  including our friends, during the Pride Parade. Despite all these obstacles, the slogan “Not rainbow, discrimination is a crime!” was shouted street by street. We did not, and we will not remain silent against the oppression and discrimination against LGBTIQ+s. We will continue to fight for the right to an equal and free life. The state's efforts to intimidate with pressures consist  of only efforts. We will enforce the Constitution, law and the Convention, create an equal and free society and continue to wave rainbow flags.  Happy PrideWeek!


The Boğaziçi lawsuit is underway

Loans and scholarships of the students protesting against the appointed trustee in Boğaziçi  University have been cut. Freedom of thought and expression, as well as a right to organize a demonstration, are part of our constitutional rights. No-one has the right to cut the loans and scholarships of individuals who choose not to defend the same thing as those who hold political power. We will express ourselves freely and use our right to protest.

The hearing of the students who were pressed with charges for carrying rainbow flags has been postponed. The judicial and overseas control conditions have been lifted. Those who support discrimination are guilty; not the students waving rainbow flags.


Workers Will Gain Their Rights

Crakers Pizza, who has entrenched upon the rights of their workers who have been protesting this encroachment since March, has been stating that they would give their workers their rights since they began to protest. However, their bosses are not holding their promises. The workers of Crakers Pizza are not alone. We will continue on the struggle to help regain the rights of the workers who have been entrenched upon; they will gain their rights.



Kadıköy Anadolu High School will remain a high school

Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi is trying to be split up in order to expand and create new areas of economic rent. The High School Women’s Assembly organised a demonstration against this unlawful move. Stop touching student’s schools for your own benefits, stop the tender.


6284 and Consequences

The law no. 6284 protects women as long as it is implemented effectively; this law took effect after years of struggle by women’s organisations, and provides several rights for women facing violence such as implementing restraining orders against those who carry out the act of violence, providing bodyguards for women, as well as strengthening the economic freedom of women and changing the data on identification cards when needed. The law no. 6284, created to protect women and prevent violence,  was only able to come into implementation after the Istanbul Convention was signed.


İmran Çelik who was in the process of divorcing her husband Turgay Çelik was battered by him in a cafeteria with a glass and a knife. It has been found out that İmran Çelik, who filed for divorce due to the constant violence she had been exposed to throughout her marriage, said: “I want him to be arrested. If he is released, he will kill me.”


A woman was verbally abused by a man whilst walking in Fikirtepe Mahallesi because she was wearing shorts. The woman, who reacted to the abuse, filmed the entire thing on her phone. The video that spread across social media rapidly led to several reactions.


It has been exposed that a 12 year old girl has been sexually abused for years by her neighbours H.E in Antalya. The 12 year old girl had asked for help by writing that she had been abused on a rock.

In January, in Konya, Ali Ay poured boiling water on his wife Rukiye Ay and his daughter Eylül Ay after they woke him up for breakfast. Ali Ay was given 4,5 years in jail. The Court applied good time and reduced the penalty to 3 years and 9 months.



All these examples show the vital importance of the full implementation of the Istanbul Convention and law no. 6824 for women. Preventative measures must be implemented, processes followed up on, and all state units must protect women’s rights. All public officials must be punished if they do not carry out their duties.


Suspicious women deaths should be immediately enlightened.

As we have been explaining through our reports for a while, during the pandemic situation there has been a vitally important inclement  in the number of suspicious woman deaths which are presented as suicide or natural death, and women found suspiciously dead. Unfortunately, suspicious woman deaths are mostly much harder to enlighten than femicides.It is necessary to discover whether the women have been murdered or they have passed away as a result of an accident, whether they were murdered based on gender (whether there is a femicide), they have committed suicide, or they have been led to commit suicide.


The suspicious deaths of 20 women which we have been informed about recently in June 2021 are yet to be enlightened. It is clear what to do: the decision regarding cancelling The İstanbul Convention should be withdrawn, the protection law numbered 6284 and The Istanbul Convention should be applied wholly and efficiently with all the institutions and organizations. Investigations conducted upon suspicious women deaths should be examined cautiously and be concluded shortly.


What happened during June about women?


Şahigül Buluş, a 37-year-old woman living in Istanbul, who was murdered by her throat being cut, was found in a land area next to the dam.

Şebnem Köker, a 29-year-old woman living in Istanbul, died of falling from the 3rd floor of the hostel she was accommodating in with her boyfriend T.B.

Anzelika Sraufant, a 33-year-old woman living in Istanbul, died of falling from the balcony. Her boyfriend Burak Ercan,who was with her at the time of the incident, stated that Anzelika had committed suicide. Yet he was arrested by the prosecution’s office for “deliberate killing”.

Zine Karakaş, a mother of 7 living in Urfa, was found murdered by her neighbours right after gunshots were heard.

Esma Yücel, a mother of 4 living in Diyarbakır, was found dead at home, with a gunshot to the back.

Tülay Keseli, a 49-year-old woman living in İzmir, was found dead by the police who had gone to her office since her relatives had not been able to hear from her.

Raziye Ebru Erciyes, a 33-year old and mother of 2 living in Kayseri, died of falling from the balcony at home. After the incident, her husband H.D.E, who hastened towards the place where Raziye died, ran into the building once he saw the police. H.D.E., who was taken into custody, was released on condition of judicial control.

Elif Çakal, a 15-year-old living in Istanbul, died of falling from the cliff while she had been having a picnic with her friends. Her mother stated that Elif’s boyfriend had come to their house and threatened her with death a few days prior to the incident. 2 people have been taken into custody regarding the incident.

A company named “Dardanel” has published an apology message after making the sexist remark “This evening, we are putting it onto the pasta.”, which connotes a sexual intercourse perceiving woman as an inanimate matter of the action, in the advertisement about the Turkey-Italy football match, which took place this month.

Ezgi Mola was sued by the lawyer of Musa Orhan since she had posted on her social media about Musa Orhan released by the court pending a trial. 16 celebrities, who supported Ezgi Mola and posted on their social media accordingly, were sued as well.


The Minister of Justice Gül made a statement, “We will change the constitution if necessary in order not to suffer any women from violence again.”


The rector of Uskudar University  claimed that the Istanbul Convention “lead upto incest relationship”.

After the Pride Parade that took place this month, the police sealed the houses of trans women on Küçük Bayram Sokak.

In Sweden, the court of appeal reverse the judgement about banning on wearing headscarves at preschools and primary schools, which was taken by municipalities last year.

In Spain, people strike against male violence in many cities on the streets of the country for two sisters who were kidnapped by their father and found dead later.

Stories of the struggle for survival of 18 women who were murdered in June


In Balikesir, 51-year-old Handan Çivicik was murdered with a firearm by her father after an argument broke out between them. Ali İ.  ,who has claimed  his daughter pulled a knife on him, was taken into custody.


In Yozgat, 53-year-old Nazife Talas was murdered with a sharp object by the man she was married to. The perpetrator Salih Talas said that he was mentally depressed due to the health problems he experienced, that they were in marital conflict, that he had argued with his wife before the case, and that he had stabbed his wife while the argument grew in his statement.


In Kırıkkale, 26-year-old Hacer Başkaya, who was the mother of a 4-year-old child, was stabbed to death in front of her son by Sezer Başkaya, with whom she was married and who she had an argument with.


In Samsun, 33-year-old Emel Duzgun, who was the mother of two children, was murdered with a firearm by her husband Mustafa Duzgun, for an unknown reason, while her children were playing in the garden. Mustafa Duzgun committed suicide with the same firearm right after committing the murder.


In Trabzon, Melike Seyis was murdered with a sharp object by Bulent Taşkin, who had been complained by her before and had a protective measure and a restraining order taken. The perpetrator, who stabbed Medina in 26 places, said in his statement, "I couldn't stand the abandonment, I became the victim of my anger."


In Kocaeli, 44-year-old Sengul Guler was suffocated with a scarf by 33-year-old Omer B., who is a relative of the man she was in a relationship with, on the pretext of stealing her gold, and then buried in the forest.


In Çanakkale, 6-year-old Funda Bulut was murdered by Caglar Karakılıc, who is in a relationship with her mother, by hitting her head to the wall repeatedly. Caglar Karakılıc, who used violence against Sultan Bulut, also beat the children who wanted to stop him. Funda, who was hit on the head, was found dead by her mother days later.


In Manisa, 52-year-old Kader Oktay was murdered with a firearm by Mehmet Akkor, to whom her neighbor Yeter Akkor was married, for the reason she went for a walk with her. Then, Mehmet Akkor committed suicide with the same firearm.


In Bursa, Bircan Doğan was stabbed 20 times and strangled with her headscarf by Atalay Doğan, the man whom she was in the process of divorce. The perpetrator, who went to Bircan Doğan's workplace to make peace and ended up killing Bircan after she rejected the peace offerings, then tried to stab himself, also said in his statement, "I went there to kill her. I regret that I did not killmyself too."


İlknur Çavuş, 30, who went to Çatalca to visit her mother, was killed with a firearm by Erdal Çavuş, to whom she was married to. Erdal Çavuş, who killed the mother of two girls, one 7 months old and the other 7 years old, was caught hiding in the bushes.


Arzu Rahmen Güney was living in Istanbul with her 7-year-old son, Kerem Güney both lost their lives in the fire started by Mehmet Güney, whom she was married to. The perpetrator who killed his son and Arzu Rahmen committed suicide after the incident.


In Konya, 43-year-old Halime Uyar was killed with a firearm in the middle of the street by Mesut Çoban, to whom she used to be married to. Mesut Çoban committed suicide with the same gun after killing Halime Uyar, the mother of 3.


Yemen Akoda, 38, living in Aksaray, was killed in front of her house by Eşref Akoda, whom she was in the process of divorce,whom she had a restraining order against. The daughter, who cried out in front of her mother’s lifeless body, refusing to believe that she was just murdered by him, said, "We told the police and complained about this 50 times, 50 times. Where were you?"


Emine Karakaş, a 16-year-old living in Diyarbakır, was attacked with guns by her cousin because she refused to be the second wife of Aslan Karakaş, who is married and is a father of 7. Emine Karakaş's mother, whose daughter lost her 138-day long struggle in the hospital, said, “My body is burning. Don't let other mothers get hurt. Find that killer. His family is hiding him.’’


Adalet Bike, who lives in Istanbul, was killed by her husband Mahmut Bike, and Mahmut Bike's father and two brothers thrown  Adalet Bike from the car and drove over her causing her death.


In Manisa, 43-year-old Sadriye Şen was killed with a firearm by Recep Şen, to whom she was married. The perpetrator, who fled after the incident, was caught and taken into custody.


Yasemin A., 23, living in Niğde, was killed with a firearm by her partner, 26-year-old Muhammed Y. Then the perpetrator committed suicide with the same gun.


Ayşe T., mother of 7 children living in Diyarbakır, killed by hanging her with a rope by Adem T., whom she was married to. In the incident, which was initially focused on the fact that she committed suicide, it turned out to be a murder with the statements of Ayşe's children. It was learned from her children that Ayşe had been subjected to systematic violence from the perpetrator and complained about it several times.