2021 July Report of We Will End Femicide Platform
20 Women Killed by Men in July 2021, 12 Women Found Suspiciously Dead.


2021 July Report*

20 Femicides, 12 Suspicious Women Deaths in July

The struggle to stop femicides in Turkey has been going on for 10 years. As the platform, we have been disclosing femicide data to the public since 2010, when we identified the need. Instead of explaining how many women were killed, why, how and by whom, the Ministry of Interior distorts the facts by saying that the femicide data were prepared incorrectly. While explaining the reality of femicide and suspicious femicide deaths, it is the duty of the state to implement concrete solutions to stop femicides. We will continue to fight for the mobilization of all relevant ministries and mechanisms to fulfill this task.

The reason why 12 women were killed could not be determined.

This month, 20 femicides were committed and 12 women were found suspiciously dead. 12 of the 20 murdered women could not be determined for what pretext they were killed, and 8 were killed while trying to make decisions about their own lives such as wanting a divorce, refusing to become reconciled, refusing to marry, or rejecting a relationship. The inability to determine the excuse for which 12 women were killed is a result of violence against women and femicides being rendered invisible. Unless it is determined by whom and why women were killed; Unless a fair trial is made and the suspects, defendants and murderers are not given deterrent punishments and preventive measures are implemented, violence continues in different dimensions.

By whom were the women killed ?

In July, 10 out of 20 women were killed by the men they were married to, 2 by the man they were living together, 2 by someone they were familiar, 1 by her father, 1 by one of her relatives, 1 by her ex-partner, 1 by her son and 1 by a stalker. The relationship of 1 woman with the perpetrator is unknown.

Women were killed mostly in their homes

16 women were killed at home, 2 in the middle of the street, 1 in a car and 1 in the field. 80 percent of women killed this month were killed in their homes.

Women were killed most often by sharp objects

10 were killed by sharp objects, 8 by firearms, and 2 by suffocation.

The employment status of women still cannot be determined

According to the available data, 3 of the murdered women work in a workplace and the employment status of the remaining 17 women is unknown.

All-In Fight Against All Inequalities

Following the repeal of the Istanbul Convention on July 1st, our demonstrations continued in many parts of Turkey. In dozens of cities across the country, we shouted that we will not give up on the Istanbul Convention. Our fight isn’t a fight that can regress with obstacles put forward by politicians. We will implement the Constitution, the law, the Convention; we will continue to fight for equality, freedom and to end discrimination.

9 Cities left for Egalitarian Feminism with 81 Cities

We had said, “Egalitarian feminism is essential for liberation.”. As the symbol of egalitarian feminism, our starred femina took its place in the squares. This month, we started to carry our starred femina to every street of the city. City by city, street by street, we will equip every place with the starred femina, and fight against all kinds of inequality.

Niğde became the 72nd city on the way of our Women’s Assemblies to organize in 81 cities. We will meet with and organize with every woman in every city of the country. This month, the Niğde Women’s Council was established and held their first meeting. 9 cities remain for 81 cities. From here, let’s make the following call to all women: We invite women to meet in the remaining 9 cities, Aksaray, Karaman, Çankırı, Ardahan, Erzincan, Tunceli, Siirt, Şırnak and Gümüşhane, to establish Women’s Councils. Come, let’s continue our organized fight to ensure equality and freedom in every city of the country.

We will ensure Equality in Sports and every other field

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games, the female athletes, with their various victories, became the center topic of the country. In addition to the joys of victory, İhsan Şenocak used the following expression in a post he shared: “The daughter of Islam! You are the sultan of faith, chastity, morality, modesty and decency, not of playing grounds; you are the daughter of the mothers who are ‘ashamed to show their noses’. Do not be fooled by the screens and your bearded brothers who call the victims of popular culture ‘sultan’! You are both our hope and our prayer!” The main thing that needs to be discussed about female athletes is their ability to progress in sports despite this sexist discourse and criticism in our country. The efforts to prevent the advancement of women in sports by trying to deepen gender inequality will remain inconclusive. Despite all the attacks carried out by the reactionaries against what women wear, what they do and their lifestyle, women will advance in sports and in any other field they want to.

Merve Akpınar, the 13-year-old handball player living in Şanlıurfa, who said, “I will change the fate of the girl in my village”, was not allowed into school with the instructions of the Ministry of Education. Again, this month, in a race organized by the Osmangazi Municipality, the names of the women who ranked among the first three were not read, and only men were given awards. We will ensure social equality for all girls and women.

Measures Protecting Women, Children and LGBTIQ+ Members Are Required

With the 4th judicial package adopted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly this month, concrete evidence will be essential for arrests in crimes such as sexual abuse and willful killing. While insisting on not arresting the perpetrators in spite of the existing evidence, authorities make it difficult to file complaints and provide an efficacious investigation process with this judicial package. Stop taking measures protecting the perpetrators; apply the constitution, the law, the convention. We will provide justice with our fight.

Turkey’s President Erdoğan said in his statement: “Turkey does not have beliefs that contradict those of the Taliban.” Taliban believes in a country where women are whipped, girls’ education is at risk. Government authorities declaring that we do not contradict such a belief, does not mean that this belief overlaps with the society’s ideology. We are and we will go on fighting against any and all reactionary, anti-secular and anti-egalitarian ideologies and applications.

One of the other issues on this month’s agenda was the HPV vaccine being free. General vaccination against the HPV virus, which causes cervical cancer, was brought up to the Turkish Grand National Assembly’s agenda. All the vaccines, including the HPV vaccine, should be free. Measures protecting women’s health cannot be ignored.

Any Unjustified Femicide And Suspicious Woman Death Will Not Be Left

Ümitcan Uygun, who was not sued regarding the death of Aleyna Çakır, was released after being arrested for consuming drugs a few months ago. Since an effective process is not

conducted regarding Ümitcan Uygun, who was not sued in spite of all the evident proofs and DNA samples; justice cannot be provided for Aleyna Çakır. We will enlighten Aleyna’s suspicious death with our fight, providing that the perpetrators receive the necessary penalties.

On the other hand, in Pınar Gültekin’s case the DNA’s of the mother and father of the perpetrator Cemal Metin Avcı was detected at the crime scene. It has been a year since Pınar was murdered. Yet, the authorities are recently revealing the evidence at the crime scene a year after the incident. We do not accept this process being postponed for such a long time. W we will fill the court rooms each session and keep pursuing the case until justice is served just as we filled the squares all over the country when she was killed. We will keep fighting until justice is served for Pınar Gültekin.

Trustees will go, universities will be independent with people who resist.

In january 2021, Trustee Melih Bulu, who is assigned to Boğaziçi University, was dismissed as a result of protests which he said "They last only 6 months.". After Trustee rector who is gone with Boğaziçi University components' organized struggles, which last for months. Boğaziçi entered to democratic election process again with its components. Even if they are encountered with a new trustee assigned despite the election, protests will continue. Other trustees will go too, like in Boğaziçi. Against every antidemocratic practice, the fight will be won.

Let's organize in High School and University Women Assemblies

This month, YKS and LGS results were announced. Changing the education system, which makes students oppose each other and race them, is a must. We will fight for all students' equal, free and qualified education. We are waiting for all the young women to join us.

We will continue to fight for all women, kids, LGBITQ+ individuals to live an equal and free life in welfare, sport, education and all other subjects. The future, which includes any gender role, competitions between students and health opportunities equal and free, is possible with all-out struggle. Stop femicides, expose suspicious women's death and provide justice in all of that will happen with all-out struggle too. Because of that, we are inviting all women and LGBTIQ+ individuals to fight in 81 provinces with completing 9 of them, carrying our starred femina to every city street.

 6284 and its results:

No. 6284 law which arranges many precautions like removing perpetrators of violence, near protection, gives many rights to women from protecting them economically to change their ID information and came into force with the result of women organizations' struggle which last many years, protect women if implemented effectively. No. 6284 law's enactment to protect women and prevent violence could be possible after the Istanbul Convention's signing.

Beren Ecmel, a trans woman, was attacked by a transphobic. Ecmel was injured in her face, and experienced physical violence after being verbally abused.

Çağatay Akman, singer, battered Öykü Uslu, who he used to be with, in front of her house. It was learned that Öykü got a restraining order after that event.

The jail sentence of the perpetrator İbrahim Z, who used violence against his ex wife, Emriye Metoğlu, was upheld by the high court.

Fikriye F, a 44-year-old mother of 2 living in Adana, was battered by Enes K, the man she was unlawfully wedded to. Later on, it was learned that Fikriye ordered a suspension order from the high court for her ex husband for her security needs.

All these examples show how the implementation of the Istanbul Convention and the Code 6824 are vital and must be used in full effect. For the overall protection of women, injunctions should be implemented, the process should be followed, all units of the state should protect women's rights and public officials who do not fulfill their duties should not go unpunished.

As we have explained in our monthly reports, there is a very serious increase in the number of suspicious female deaths presented as suicide or natural death and/or attributed to the number of women who are found dead suspiciously with the pandemic process. Suspicious female deaths can be even more challenging than female murders. It is necessary to reveal whether women were killed, whether they were died by accident, whether women were killed on the basis of gender (whether it was femicide), whether they were committed suicide or were driven to suicide.

The suspicious deaths of these 12 women we learned in July should be explained as soon as possible. The thing officials must do is clear; The termination decision of the Istanbul Convention should be withdrawn, the Protection Law No. 6284 and the Istanbul Convention should be implemented effectively and holistically together with all institutions and organizations. Investigations into suspicious female deaths should be carefully examined and concluded quickly.

Hediye Duman, 38, living in Kastamonu, allegedly died when İrfan Duman, to whom she was married to, died while cleaning his husband’s rifle, which she, allegedly, shot herself.

Şeyma M., who lived in Sivas, lost her life due to the gun fire of police officer Mustafa M., whom she was married to.

Öykü Yüngün, 21, living in Kocaeli, was found dead in Nihat Ş.'s house.

In Edirne, Ç.T. He was found dead in a parked car, shot in the chest. C.T. and A.T., the ex couple, had an argument in the car beforehand.

In Gaziantep, 23-year-old Damla Aycan, mother of one, was found dead in her home. It was later learned that Damla was a victim of violence by her husband Mehmet Aycan and learned that she had filed reports a few months prior to her death.

What happened about women in the month of July?

A cashier who works at a supermarket chain, when asked “What’s on sale?” by a woman customer, and answered with “Masks, shower gel, sanitary pads, teacup set.” Then the cashier was assaulted by the man the woman was married to because he informed the woman about the sanitary pads on sale.

At TBMM’s Commission of Equality of Opportunity of Woman And Man, upon a debate about a subcommittee, some congresspeople from the opposition took the floor to discuss it. Congressperson Imran Kilic from the ruling party (AKP) said “They’ve been yakking all day, what is this?”

During his visit to Diyarbakir, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarded the co-founder of BioNTech (which founded the first mRNA-based vaccine for coronavirus) Dr. Ozlem Tureci as Ugur Sahin’s wife addressing the journalists.

The Norwegian national team of beach handball refused to wear bikini bottoms while playing a game at the European Beach Handball Championship and they were fined for not dressing according to regulations.

The Court of Justice of the European Union repeated their judgment that in certain situations employers can prohibit employees from wearing any kind of religious symbols including the hijab. The Court had issued a similar decision before, to serve the customers a neutral image and if it prevents “social disputes” employers can ban visible signs of religious symbols.

In Pakistan, the first public school for transsexual people, who were discriminated against, was opened. This practice will only make discrimination more severe.

In Argentina, people who do not express themselves among the gender binary (non-binary people) can now use the “X” inscription on their ID cards. Argentina is now the first country to end gender binary sorting on ID cards in Latin America.

Life stories of 20 women that were killed in July

61-year-old Durdu Kadem Kızıloluk who resided in Adana was shot (by pump-rifle) by Mehmet Aydın who has been harassing her for a year. She had made complaints about him.

The 33-year-old mother of 3 Sevda Celemoglu who lived in İzmir was killed by Soner Çetin in front of her 3-year-old daughter. She had a restraining order about him. His excuse was jealousy.

A 30-year-old woman named Ebru Kara, living in Hatay, was killed by Cabbar Kara whom she was married to, with a shotgun in front of her 7-year-old daughter. She was in the process of divorce and had a restraining order against him.

A 42-year-old woman and mother of one child named Deniz Filiz was stabbed to death by Ümit Filiz, whom she was married to under the pretext of jealousy. It is known that she was subjected to violence prior, that she informed the police and wanted to split, and that they were reconciled by relatives.

33-year-old Derya Aldıç, who lived in Hatay, was shot in the head with a service pistol by Durak Erdal Oru, a sergeant, whom she was together with.

Fatma Akdeniz, who was living in Istanbul, was killed with a firearm by Tekin Akdeniz, whom she was married to in front of the eyes of her son in the middle of the street.

Hatun Güneş, a 33-year-old mother of one child, living in Izmir, was cut off with a shotgun while driving on a motorcycle by her former partner Yusuf Kaçar. In his statement, the perpetrator said that he killed Hatun Güneş because she wanted to break up with him, adding that he would not have done it if she had accepted his proposal to recommence.

16-year-old Merivan Avcı, who was two months pregnant at the time and living in Balıkesir, was stabbed to death by her partner S.Y., whom she had an argument with on the grounds that she had given pots to her neighbor.

Hatice Düzduran, mother of two children and living in Karabük, was killed with a sharp instrument by Vedat Düzduran, whom she was married to, with whom she was in the process of divorce.

Aysel Yaşar, 29, living in in Yozgat, who was planning her wedding and recently married Hacı Yaşar, was killed by him with a firearm. It turned out that seven months ago Aysel Yaşar shared the digital monument of women that were murdered on social media with the message:” I am afraid that one day my name will be written here”.

20-year-old Gülcan Elmacı, mother of one and living in Manisa, was killed by Aytekin Elmacı, the father of her husband, with a hunting rifle at home.

Kader Kırık, 46, living in Balıkesir, was stabbed to death in the throat by Cüneyt Kırık, with whom she was in the process of divorce, on the pretext that she did not accept to reconcile.

Şadiye Rüzgar, 65, who lives in Denizli, was killed by her son Gökhan Rüzgar by cutting her throat in her home. When Gökhan Rüzgar, who allegedly has psychological problems, was caught, he told reporters, "I'm very well. I don't have a mother, or family, I don't regret it.". It was learned that he had tried to kill her mother before, but she was rescued by her neighbors.

Zeynep Üzbaş, 20, living in Istanbul, was strangled to death by her father, Hamdin Üzbaş, in her home. Hamdin Üzbaş, who tried to commit suicide first and then set fire to the house after killing his daughter, said, "We were working in the same cafe with my daughter. We had an argument there, we came home, I drank alcohol. There was another argument, she strangled herself. I took her to the bathroom, but I couldn't save her. When I saw her like that, I wanted to cut my wrists and kill myself. I did not light up the house, the fire may have come from a candle," he said.

Hamiyet Yıldırım, 74, living in Ankara, was strangled with a tie in her home by Mehmet Yıldırım, to whom she was married. It was learned that Hamiyet Yıldırım was diagnosed with liver cancer at the beginning of the month and that his needs were met by Mehmet Yıldırım.

38-year-old Mehtap Kırşığı, living in Kahramanmaraş, was killed with a firearm by Erkan Kırlangıç, she was in the process of divorce and had a restraining order against him. It has been learned that Mehtap Kırşığı applied to the prosecutor's office last month because she was battered, but the prosecutor's office decided to suspend Erkan Kırlangıç and released him.

Yağmur Tayhan, 16, living in Aydın, was stabbed to death by his neighbor Nizam C. In his statement, Nizam C., who was determined to have kept Yağmur Tayhan at his home for two days, claimed that Yağmur came voluntarily to talk to him and said "Let's stab each other" after two days.

Fatma Keke, 53, living in Istanbul, was stabbed to death by his acquaintance Özer Ağaoğlu, whom she had an argument with for an unknown reason, at her home.

Selma Özen, 41, mother of 3 children, living in Malatya, was stabbed to death by Mehmet Özen, whom she was married to, on the pretext that she "didn't answer her phone when he called".

Meryem Muradi, an Afghan national living in Sinop, was stabbed to death in her home by Mohammed Veli Muradi, whom she was married to, on the pretext of jealousy.


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