2021 September Report of We Will End Femicide Platform
26 Women Killed by Men in September 2021, 19 Women Found Suspiciously Dead.

2021 September Report* 


26 Femicides, 19 Suspicious Deaths of Women in September  

The struggle to stop femicides in Turkey has been going on for 11 years. As the platform, we have been disclosing femicides data to the public since 2010, when we identified the need. On the other hand, the Ministry of Interior distorts the facts by saying data on femicides were being prepared incorrectly. Instead of explaining how many women were killed, why and how. Along with explaining the reality of femicides and suspicious deaths of women, it is the duty of the state to implement concrete solutions to stop femicides. We will continue to fight for the mobilization of all relevant ministries and mechanisms to fulfil this task.  


What was the killing pretext of 16 women could not be determined. 

This month 26 femicides were committed, and 19 women were found suspiciously dead. The reason behind 16 of the 26 women killed could not be determined. Ten of them were killed on the pretext of wanting to make decisions about their own lives, such as divorce, refusing to reconcile, refusing to marry, or refusing to have a relationship. The inability to determine the excuse for which 16 women were killed is the result of violence against women and rendering femicides invisible. Unless it is determined by whom and why women were killed, unless a fair trial is made and the suspects, the accused and murderers are given deterrent punishments, and preventive measures are implemented, violence will continue in different dimensions. 


By whom were the women killed? 

In September, 14 out of 26 women were killed by the men they were married to, 6 by the men they were living together, 2 by their father, 2 by their son, 1 by their ex-husband and 1 by one of her relatives.  


Women were mostly killed in their homes 

18 women were killed at home, 2 in the field, 1 in the middle of the street, 1 in the car and 1 in hotel. It could not be determined where 3 women were killed. 69 percent of women were killed this month in their homes.  


Women were killed most often by the firearms 

9 of the women were killed by firearms, 8 by sharp objects, 4 by suffocation, 2 by being thrown from a height, 2 by being beaten and 1 by being burned. 


The employment status of women still cannot be determined 

It is very difficult to determine the employment status of women. We think this important data should also be taken into account by the members of the press. According to the data announced by TURKSTAT this month, the number of women "occupied with housework" decreased by 38 thousand compared to the previous year. Thus, the number of women, who are not considered as labor force, according to TURKSTAT, reached 10 million 178 thousand in May 2021. The TURKSTAT's interpretation of the data in this way is a way to cover up the true extent of women unemployment. Women who are not included in the working life or removed from employment become more vulnerable to the dangers of gender-based discrimination, violence and femicide. According to the available data, 2 of these women worked in a workplace, 2 of them did not work in any workplace. The employment status of the remaining 22 women is unknown. 


Women in Turkey and Around the World will Live Freely!  

From Texas to Afghanistan, from Mexico to Turkey, women all over the world are fighting. It is a fight in different geographies, on varying or similar issues. But they all connect at the same point: freedom. What women wear, what kind of life they want to live, the right to abortion, secularism and various rights provided to them by law is being attacked. Women are resisting at the cost of their lives against this male-dominated system, which extends from the men closest to them to the political powers. They are fighting for freedom. They do this not just for women in their own country but for women all over the world. Because we know that none of us is free until we are all free. Against those who tell women what to do every day, we say, "we will live freely". Our daily fight is common with women in all countries of the world. Carrying out this fight in an organized manner is also the critical point of our achievements. A world in which we live freely is possible through an organized fight. With our fight women will live free in Turkey and in the world.  


Do Women Committed Suicide or are Thrown from a Height?  

Today, in femicides, we encounter perpetrators who kill or try to kill women and make it seem like a suicide. The evidence came to light last year, Naime Özbulat, who lost her life after falling from a height in Osmaniye, was killed by her husband by being pushed from a window. While the perpetrator denied the murder, the evidence revealed the murder. The fingerprints of the perpetrator was on the glass due to him closing the window and pulling the curtain after Naime was pushed down. The effective execution of the investigation process is one of the essential stages in the reveal of femicides that tried to be covered up. In Van, Çidem Ergin, allegedly committed suicide according to Sinan Ergin, the men she was married to. She survived and when she opened her eyes, she said she didn't commit suicide but was pushed by Sinan Ergin. Women are not committing suicide, they are being killed or trying to be killed. Surviving women can point to the perpetrators when they wake up. When women who are not lucky enough to survive and are killed, the task falls on the authorities. It is necessary to carry out the investigation process effectively, examine the evidence and if needed, apply to additional reports and expert reports. Taking statements from witnesses or those who may be witnesses and examining whether women have a history of violence provide important data. The ineffectiveness of the investigation process opens the door for the perpetrators to cover up femicides as suicides.  


We will secure the delayed justice for Yağmur Önüt 


The murder case of Yağmur Önüt was postponed because the lawyer of the Ministry of Families and Social Policy did not come to the hearing. The justice that will be ensured for Yağmur is delayed because the Ministry did not follow up on the case, and the court has not been sending the notice for five months. We have been fighting for years alongside Yağmur's family for justice. With our fight, we will secure justice, which has been delayed due to the neglect of the authorities.  


Suspending The Firearm Permit Is Not Enough, Personal Armament Should Be Banned 


It states within the new regulations regarding firearms that in cases of violence against women, the perpetrator's firearm permit will be suspended. According to our 2020 report, 56% of women were murdered with firearms. While the most used weapons for femicides are firearms, the regulation within 6284 stated that firearm confiscation was not enough. There are no articles that deter from situations like murder or harm within the regulation. "Specialized sergeants" were added to the list of occupations that could obtain a permit. Another new regulation is a person convicted of a crime committed with a firearm can reapply for their permit five years after their release. The fact that these people can reapply for a permit paves the way by the state for other possible crimes. We will continue fighting against personal armament.   


The Government Builds A Skyscraper For Millions Of Dollars, The Students Do Not Have The Right To Reside 


University students are unable to find vacancies when they apply for dormitories with the start of the new academic year. The students who can not afford the excessive rents are suspending their studies due to the state not handling the situation. The 650 TL scholarship the state provides is not enough for residing, transportation or any other needs of the students. In response to the situation, the President said "We provide 650 TL scholarship, shame on you". Students who can not attain the right to reside are protesting all over Turkey by staying awake till the morning in parks. As a response, the police takes the students into custody for their protests. The government that does not even satisfy the basic needs of the students has just held the opening for the Türkevi in the United States, which was built for 300 million USD. While the students are being forced to stop their education and go back to their homes, is the priority of the state a Türkevi? Free and equal education is everyone's right. We are inviting every woman to unionize in University Women Assemblies and to fight for our rights.  


Sexual Harassment inside University Campuses will end 


The video in which Celal Şengör tells, among laughter, how he harassed a female student was published. The Rectorate of Istanbul Technical University announced that they have started an investigation against him after the incident spread on social media. Celal Şengör said "I do not think that was harassment" regarding the incident. Young women are exposed to a variety of harassment within their campuses. We will generate equal and free life within campuses. The harassment within campuses will end.  


Sexists Discourse is trying to be produced within Imam Hatip Highschools  


The textbooks provided for Imam Hatip Highschools contained statements like "It is the duty of the women to do the housework", "The women of the house is supposed to respect her husband, and protect her chastity and honor". High school women are refusing the gender norms being imposed on women. We will continue our fight against the bigoted views, which place such statements in textbooks.   


Our fight against the backwards policies regarding LGBTQI+ will continue 


The Pride Parade that was held this year has been tried to be precluded unconstitutionally as the police interfered. 8 of our friends from the LGBTQI+ Assembly were sued. Within the accusal, it stated the slogan "You will never walk alone" constitutes criminality. None of the actions taken will scare us off or can hamper the fight of the LGBTQI+. We will be in the courthouse with our friends on the 2nd of November for the first hearing of the case.  


The case of trans woman Selin Aynacı, who was found dead in a suspicious manner, was held. Our request for intervening in the case was denied with the statement, "The death was not of a woman". While the court is supposed to judge justly without any discrimination, it engages in transphobic discourses. No one can determine an individual's gender. We will continue our fight against your discriminatory politics and discourse. 


 6284 and its Consequences 


The law 6284; which was effectuated as a result of Women Assemblies struggle that lasted years, which regulates a number of measures like restraining orders for those who perpetrated violence and close protection, which secures many rights of women from financial empowerment to changing identification protects women as long as it is executed properly. The enactment of the law 6284, which protects women, was possible after signing the Istanbul Convention.  



The constitutional court has decided on the trial of the public officials on the grounds of not taking the necessary preventive and protective precautions of the academician Serpil Erfındık, who was murdered by the man she used to be married to. Serpil Erfındık was murdered in 2013, on the day the preventive measure order against the men she used to married to, ended. Throughout this process, her requests for protection were being denied constantly. The court ruled that Serpil Erfındık's right to life was infringed upon.  


In Oznur Gulbas' murder, the man who stabbed her multiple times got convicted for "attempted murder". The prosecutor at the Court of Appeals reversed the conviction and demanded the murderer be convicted for "wounding". The reasoning behind was that the perpetrator stopped when Oznur said "don't do it." 


Mehmet Taşdelen, who killed Ayşe Altuntaş got a deduction on his sentence for good behavior. The court gave Tasdelen "life imprisonment" rather than "aggravated life sentence" because of the sentence deduction for good behavior. 


After the disappearance of Iraqi citizen Sally Ali Challab Al-Abbood, who lived in Eskişehir, it was found that she stayed at her friend Amjed Mohsin Mohammed's house right before she disappeared. Upon a detailed house inspection, the police found a saw and a knife. It is stated that the perpetrator left the house multiple times to deposit trash, and the blood found on his sock belonged to Sally. Mohammad, who tried to escape to Bulgaria from Kırklareli through illegal means, was detained and brought back to Eskişehir. He was arrested for "premeditated murder". Sally Ali Challab Al-Abbood's body has still not been found. 


In BalıkesirAtiye S. (60), the mother of Samet S. and Hayel S. and the wife of Samet S., did a protest with knives in Cumhuriyet Square to raise a voice about the domestic violence they endured everydayAtiye S., the mother, said "Should I cut? I am fed up" to show her rebellion against the violence she lived. 


In the court of Ebru Aras, who was murdered by the man she wanted to divorce from, the defendant was released on bail. The judge was changed during the course of the case. The defendant was being prosecuted for "premeditated murder" for 1.5 years before the new judge came. The new judge decided that the defendant should be released even though all the evidence remained the same. 


Feyzi Duran, who was accused of being a drug addict, stabbed Aysel Perkgün 104 times. Aysel Perkgün was 28 years old and was living with Feyzi Duran. Aysel Perkgün survived and her health has gotten better. Aysel Perkgün said "He forced me into the bathroom. Because I knew what was going to happen, I covered my neck and carotid artery. I passed out because I was being stabbed. He said 'I said I would watch you die. Look, I'm watching it now.' Then he lit a cigarette and smoked it. I want the worst sentence for the man who did these to me." 


All these examples show how vital it is for women that Istanbul Convention and the Law 6284 is fully and effectively implemented. For effective protection of women preventative measures should be applied, the process should be followed, and all units of the government should protect women's rights, and those who do not protect them should be punished. 


Suspicious death of women should be investigated immediately.  


As seen in our previous reports, the number of suspicious deaths of women has been increasing over the course of the pandemic. These deaths were classified as suicide or natural deaths. Suspicious deaths of women can be harder to detect and classify than femicides. The reasons of death, whether they were murdered, whether it was an accident or not, whether the cause of death was gender-related and whether these women committed suicide or were forced to commit suicide should be investigated thoroughly.   


19 suspicious deaths that happened in September should be investigated. What needs to be done is obvious: the decision to withdraw from Istanbul Convention should be overturned. Law 6284 and Istanbul Convention should be applied fully and effectively by all institutions. Suspicious deaths of women should be carefully investigated and concluded. 


Ela Sonyürek, who was 20 and lived in Antalya with her 3-month-old baby, was taken to hospital upon a head injury she got after being shot by the man she was married to, Celal Sonyüksek. Ela was declared dead at the hospital. It was found out that Ela came back to her family's house after saying that she could not get along with Celal Sonyüksek. They made up after a while, but they got into a fight again on the day of the murder. 


A.Ç.'s body was found in an irrigation canal in Urfa. A.Ç. was 18 years old. 


Sedanur Şen, who was 24 years old, was found dead in a hotel room in Istanbul. It is known that Serdar Yazıcı, the men she came to the hotel with, had informed the hotel employees about Sedanur's death in the morning. Serdar Yazıcı has criminal records for "production and selling of drugs", "using drugs", and "fraud". 


In Sakarya, 42-year-old İ.A. fell from the fifth floor of a business center. İ.A. died at the hospital. 


In Aydın, 60-year-old Ayşe Baytok was found dead in her house after four days. Mustafa Baytok, the son of Ayşe Baytok, was arrested as a suspect. It was learned that Mustafa Baytok had often used violence against his mother and that he stabbed a driver whom he got into fight with in June.  


In Nevşehir, 53-year-old Tarhana Yaman and the mother of two children, was found shot dead with a firearm in Duran Aşar's house. Duran Aşar who had an argument with Tarhana, committed suicide by jumping in front of the freight train.  


In Samsun, 30-year-old Şeyda Turan was found shot in the chest at the hoher brother's house  


Erşan Aydemir, 34-year-old, a courier at a cargo company in Ankara, was found with her hands tied and a towel tucked in her mouth. The investigation has been opened into the death of Erşan, who had signs of beating on her body.  


What Happened in September?  


The National Women's Volleyball Team defeated the Netherlands 3-0 at the 2021 CEV European Volleyball Championship and had 3rd place. 


Women's Football 2nd and 3rd League Clubs Association was founded. It is noteworthy that there was no woman in the 'board of management' photo shared by the association.    


According to the statement of Larin Kayataş who had been working as a general practitioner in the emergency room at İstanbul Taksim Training and Research Hospital for a year, she had an investigation and was banned from the civil service due to "disorderly behaviour against general morality" 



In France, women can get the birth control pill free of charge up to the age of 25.  


Bulgarian LGBTQ+ singer Azis's performance at a festival in Bursa was cancelled after Islamists campaign targeting Roman singer as a "pervert".  


In the USA, Texas passed a law prohibiting women from having abortions after the 6th week of pregnancy.  


After months of women's protests on the streets, Mexico's Supreme Court ordered the state of Coahuila to annul the abortion sanctions from its penal statute.  


It was reported that the Taliban killed a player of the Afghanistan Women's National Volleyball Team last month.   


The Stories of the 26 Women Killed and their Fight for Life in September 


13-year-old Amara Dwla was found burned with flammable material in her home in Şanlıurfa. While she was being taken to the hospital, she said she was burned after being tortured by her father Ahmet Mohammed Dwla. It was learnt that her father wanted her to get married in return for his own marriage and that she has been getting tortured for a while because she did not accept.  


Emine Pulent, 61, living in Mardin, was killed by her throat being cut with a knife in the vineyard where she was taken by Abdulkadir Pulent, the man she was married to and who was released from prison on the grounds of coronavirus measures.  


S.Ö.,who lives in Kırşehir, was shot by a pistol by B.Ö., the man she was married to. The woman, seriously injured, died after struggling for life for 4 days in the hospital she was taken. 


Eda Aydoğan,23, living in İstanbul, mother of one, was shot dead in her home by Abdullah Aydoğan, the man she was married to.  


Mercan B.,45, living in Kahramanmaraş, started arguing with the brother of the man she was married to for an unknown reason. During the argument, H.B. took out his gun and killed Mercan B. 


19-year-old Özlem Kılıç, living in Düzce, was killed by Hasan Kılıç, with whom she was in the process of divorce, on the pretext that she didn't accept his offer of reconciliation. An investigation has been opened to catch the perpetrator who killed Özlem Kılıç and seriously injured her mother. Özlem Kılıç had left their house and moved in to the house of her mother Güldan Key and had filed for divorce a while ago. 


Yüksel Sevinç, 80, living in İstanbul was killed by being repeatedly stabbed and her throat being slit by his son Haluk Sevinç. It was learnt that Haluk Sevinç had been imprisoned for stabbing a person before and was recently released. 


A missing person report was filed for Kadriye Alper, the mother of two children living in Tokat, by Murat Alper, the man she was married to. A few days later, the perpetrator was taken into custody when he sent the message "I’m fine” to her relatives on Kadriye Alper’s phone. He confessed to killing Kadriye Alper and burying her in the excavation area. 



Fatima Haydari, 28, an Afghan national living in İstanbul, was stabbed to death by Mehmet T., the man she used to be married to. 


Gurbet Fida, 24, living in Diyarbakır, was shot dead with a hunting rifle by Ali Fida, the man she was married to. It was learnt that they had an argument for an unknown reason. The perpetrator killed Gurbet Fida and submitted himself to justice.    


Gülten Yankın, 28, a mother of one living in Zonguldak, was shot dead with a hunting rifle at her home by Emrah Yankın, the man she was in the process of divorce. The perpetrator replied the question “Why did you shoot your wife?” with “She wanted a divorce, that’s why. I loved her so much, I felt belittled, she wanted to break up with me.”  


Nermin Güler, 66, living in Çanakkale was hit to death in her head with a hammer by Kamil Güler, his 35-year-old son, who lived in the same apartment. 


Naime Özbulat Taş, who fell from her bedroom window in Osmaniye on April 27, 2020, was seriously injured and died in the hospital where she was taken. It turned out that Naime Özbulat was first subjected to violence by Aşkın Taş, the man she got married to 2 months before the incident, and that she was killed by being thrown from her bedroom window. The court ruled that the accused Aşkın Taş should be sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment for willful killing and that there is no room for a discretionary reduction from his sentence due to the nature of the act, the way the act was committed, the defendant's behaviour after the act and his lack of remorse. 



Şura Asena Altıntaş, 34, living in Kayseri, was thrown out of the window of her living room by Şükrü Teke, whom she was allegedly with. The severely injured woman died after a 7-day struggle for survival. It was later learned that the offender was wanted for two separate crimes. 


Filiz Akgöz, 33, living in Istanbul, was stabbed to death by Oktay Konak, the man she was with, on the pretext of jealousy. In his first statement the offender said, "She was holding a knife when the argument got tense. I tried to calm her down but she thrust the knife into her own belly. I tamponaded her wound and called 112". It was later learned that Filiz Akgöz had applied to The Office of Domestic Violence Against Women, with the accusal of willful injury and threat, and Konak was given a restraining order for a month. 


Şennur Çetin, 43, living in Giresun, was shot and killed in her own house by Murat Çetin, the man she was married to. It was brought to light that the offender asked his son’s blessing, who just came home from military service and was present at the time of the incident. He then took his own life by shooting himself with the same gun. 


Tuğba Dursun, 35, a mother of 3 living in Adana, was stabbed to death many times by Burhan Dursun, the man she was married to, in front of her children, on the pretext of jealousy. 


Gülseren Mamuş, 17, living in Istanbul, was shot in the head with a pistol gun, by Suat Ö., the man she was with, on the pretext of jealousy. The offender, who threw the gun off the window and to make it seem like a suicide, took severely injured Gülseren Mamuş in his arms and went outside, stopped a passerby and took her to the hospital in his vehicle. However, the truth of this murder was brought to light thanks to his cousin, who happened to be taking care of their 6 month old baby at home during the incident. 


Fatma Karataş, 39, mother of 2 children living in Mersin, was shot and killed by Özkan Karataş, the man she was in the process of divorce with and had been living separately. As an argument that broke out for an unknown reason, Özkan Karataş fired shots towards Fatma Karataş and her sister Özge Köster with the gun he had brought with him. While the two sisters were bleeding, Özkan Karataş attempted suicide with the same gun. Özge Köster, who was severely injured, was taken to the hospital.  


Hatice Senem, 23, mother of one living in Kocaeli, was killed by Mehmet Senem, the man she was married to, in her own house by being hit in the head with a rigid object. In his statement, the offender said that he and his wife couldn't get along and argued all the time. During their last argument, he hit her in the head with a rigid object, refining that he couldn't remember how many times he hit her. 


Nurgül Altıntaş, 35, mother of one living in Istanbul, was shot and killed with a gun by the man she was with. The name of the offender, who was later transpired to be a guard, was not disclosed. One of Altıntaş's relatives said "How can a government official, someone who is responsible for my safety do this? They were preparing for marriage, but his family was against it". 


Melike Can, 28, living in Istanbul, was strangled to death in her house in front of her child by Sebahattin Can, the man she was married to. The offender, who called his mother to tell her he had commited murder, then went down to the yard of the residence and shouted "I killed my wife, call the police" to the surrounders. 


Tatyana Fedorova, 51, a Russian national who was on holiday in a hotel in Muğla, was killed by being hit in the head with an empty liquor bottle, by İ.S., the man she was together with. 


Aynur Mert, 41, a mother of two living in Hatay, was strangled to death by former Specialist Sergeant Turgay Mert, the man she was married to. In his statement the offender said after killing Aynur Mert, “I tried to make my son drink ‘ayran’ drugged with a sleeping pill when he came home. He didn't want to drink it saying it tasted bitter and sour, so I strangled him. Then I strangled my daughter as well, who came home last." 


Nazlı Koldaguç, 30, living in Tekirdağ, was stabbed to death in a field by Serkan İ., the man she was together with. 


Our report: It consists of the news reflected in the press about the cases of violence towards women, recent events and the details of women movement. We prepare our report by compiling the news reflected in the press and the application coming directly to us and after reaching a sufficient number we create our report in this framework. We deal with The Femicide report according to Femicide concept after collecting and evaluating them. According to the concept of femicide; “From embryo to elder, all female gender individuals are killed or forced to commit suicide by a man simply because of their gender or on the pretext of their actions contrary to the perception of gender identity. 

Femicides shouldn't be perceived as murders in which only women are killed. Through femicides, which are committed with hatred, what is attacked is the identity of woman.