2021 November Report of We Will End Femicide Platform
25 Women were killed by men in October 2021, 21 Women were found suspiciously dead.

2021 November Report 


25 Femicide, 21 Suspicious Female Death in October  


The fight to stop femicides in Turkey has been going on for 11 years. As the platform, we have been disclosing the data of femicides to the public since 2010, when we have identified the need. On the other hand, the Ministry of Interior distorts the facts by saying that the data on femicides were being prepared incorrectly, instead of disclosing how many women were killed, why and how. Along with explaining the reality of femicides and suspicious deaths of women, it is the duty of the state to implement concrete solutions to stop femicides. We will continue to fight for the mobilization of all relevant ministries and mechanisms to fulfil this task. 


The reason behind the murder of 16 women could not be determined.  


In this month, 25 femicides were committed and 21 women were found suspiciously dead. The pretext of the murder behind 16 of the 25 women couldn’t be determined and 7 of them were killed on the pretext that they wanted to make decisions about their lives such as wanting a divorce, refusing to reconcile, refusing to get married or refusing to have a relationship while 2 of them were related to economy. The inability to determine the pretext behind 16 femicides is because violence against women and femicides are not brought into view. Unless it is determined by whom and why women were killed, a fair trial made, the suspects, perpetrators and murderers given deterred punishments, preventive measures implemented; violence will ensue and continue to change its dimension.  


By whom were the women killed?  


Of the 25 women killed on November 8 were killed by the man they were married to, 4 were killed by the man they were with, 3 were killed by the man she used to be married to, 3 were killed by the man she used to be with, 2 were killed by her father, 2 were killed by a stranger man, and 1 was killed by her relative. The affiliation of the murderer with 1 woman couldn’t be determined. 


Women were killed mostly in their homes.  


11 women were killed in their homes, 6 in the middle of the street, 3 at an open area, 2 at her workplace, 1 in a car, 1 at a parking space and 1 at a factory. 44% of the women killed in this month were killed in their own houses.  


Women were killed mostly with firearms and sharp objects.   


9 of the women killed this month were killed with firearms, 9 women with sharp objects, 3 women by being choked, 2 by being beaten,  and 2 women by being ran over by a car.  


The employment status of women still cannot be determined.  


 It is very difficult to determine the working status of women. We believe, it is important that this data should be taken into account by the members of the press. According to the data announced by TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute) this month, the number of women who are not even considered as part of the labor force because they do domestic work is 10 million 133 thousand. According to TUIK, the number of women who are not included in the workforce is 21 million 222 thousand in the third quarter of the year (July-August-September); decreased by 377 thousand compared to the third quarter of last year. The way in which TUIK has disclosed this data is to an attempt to cover up the true extent of women's unemployment. Women who are not included in the working life or who are removed from employment become more vulnerable to the dangers of gender-based discrimination, violence and femicide in society. According to the data available this month, 6 of the women who were murdered work in a workplace while the employment status of 19 women is unknown. 


We were in the 25 November protests all over Turkey 


We were protesting this year too on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in Adana, Aydın, Bursa, Düzce, Antep, Isparta, Ankara, Bartın, Çorum, Edirne, Gebze, İstanbul, Antalya, Bolu, Eskişehir, İzmir, Kastamonu, Manisa, Rize, Urfa, Zonguldak, Cyprus, Mersin, Sakarya, Trabzon, Konya, Samsun, Yalova, Bingol, Elazig, Erzurum, Hakkari, Kayseri, Uşak in Turkey; Berlin, Bremen and Cologne in Germany. While women who say “We will be equal and free; we will establish a world without violence and exploitation.” meeting with LGBTIQ+ people in Istanbul and Ankara, we carried out our protest on a pluralist basis in Cyprus. With the increasing economic crisis in Turkey and the world, women have been the most affected ones by inequality and exploitation. We were together against those who deepened inequality, poverty and violence in the country. We once again shouted that we will never hold back from struggling for equality and freedom, and that we will build a world without violence and exploitation with our organized struggle. We will continue to carry the flag of egalitarian feminism in every square, city and country for our struggle with women all over the world. With our struggle, women will live equally and freely in Turkey and in the world! 


“International Gender Equality” Award from Finland to Our Platform 


‘We Will End Femicide Platform’ was deemed worthy of The International Gender Equality Award, which is given every 2 years in Finland, this year. On behalf of our platform, our General Representative Gülsüm Kav and our Secretary General Fidan Ataselim received the award from Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. This award is for all women fighting for their equality and freedom in the world and in Turkey. We will enlarge our struggle, province by province, district by district, and we will have equal and free days together. 


Istanbul Convention Will Not Be Out of Women's Agenda and Its Sentences 


In a speech he made this month, President Erdoğan said, “If anyone makes a sentence that starts with the Istanbul Convention, our women should react first.” While political power and mechanisms do not protect women; do not insult women who continue the women's liberation struggle. Let us remind Erdoğan again, who said, “We have removed the Istanbul Convention from our agenda”: ??women will not remove the Istanbul Convention from their agenda, their sentences, or their lives. Our vested rights do not disappear from our lives overnight by only one man withdrawing the signature. We will effectively enforce both the Istanbul Convention and Protection law numbered 6284 with the subjects of our organized struggle that you are trying to defame. We do not give up on the Istanbul Convention. 


The lifeless body of 3-year-old Müslüme Yağal, who disappeared in Mersin, was found in the month Erdoğan uttered these sentences. It was revealed that Hasan Yağal, his grandfather, who was arrested for the suspicious death of Müslüme, sexually assaulted Müslüme's mother. Was this the "holy family values" allegedly damaged by the Istanbul Convention? The Istanbul Convention protects and keeps women and children alive, not the "holy family". 


The Discourse "Violence Cannot Be Prevented Only by Law" from Those Who Do Not Enforce the Laws Effectively 


Family and Social Services Minister Derya Yanık made statements such as "Violence against women cannot be prevented only by law" and "Our country is in a better position than many developed countries in the world in terms of violence against women and femicide". This month, Başak Cengiz was killed in the middle of the street with a samurai sword by a man she did not know. In his statement, the perpetrator said, "I chose a woman because she couldn't resist me." While women are being killed in the middle of the street, in their homes, by the men closest to them, by men they have never met; Your "optimistic" attitude towards violence against women has nothing to do with the reality of the country. After experiencing violence, women are sent from the police stations they go to without any action by law enforcement. While the ministry that made these statements should first implement the existing policies and develop new policies; he prefers to cut it off because it cannot be prevented by law. What is the duty of the ministry that makes these statements while 6284 is not effectively implemented? Violence against women will be prevented through effective implementation of laws and organized struggle of women. We will continue our struggle against every official who does not do his/her duty by finding various excuses. 


Femicides are not Declining, Ministry Contradicts with Itself 

Minister Süleyman Soylu continues to make contradictory expressions in his statements regarding 25 November. Stating that the number of femicides has increased this year compared to last year, Soylu also claims that there has been a decrease in femicides for 5-6 years. As the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, we publish the story of each murdered woman every month. The Ministry of Interior, on the other hand, makes contradictory claims, with data whose scope is unclear and not consistently published. It is clear that there has not been a steady decline in femicides within the specified time period. There is no decrease in femicides as women are killed as a result of the authorities' failure to do their job. Saying "Reconciliation and sending her home is an easy method, but apparently not the solution" in the same speech, Soylu also admits that the authorities are not doing their duty. Protecting women is the solution, not making peace and sending them home. Enforcement of laws effectively is the solution. The duty of the authorities is to effectively enforce the laws and keep women alive. 


Women are forced into to Protect Themselves, Violent Perpetrator Men Get Remissions 

This month, the 15-year prison sentence given to Çilem Doğan, who had to kill the man she was married to, who had systematically abused her for years, was upheld. Also this month, the case of Nurtaç Canan, who was injured with a firearm by the man she wanted to divorce and wrote "Ragıp shot me" with her own blood, was decided. The perpetrator who attempted to kill was sentenced to 8 years and 10 months for intentionally injuring his wife. Every time Çilem went to the police station to complain about the man who had systematically abused her, was returned. While she was sentenced to 15 years in prison as a consequence of having to kill the man to protect herself from him, the perpetrator of violence; The perpetrator who attempted to kill Nurtaç was sentenced to 8 years. The system that does not protect women while they are fighting for their lives, that forces women to protect themselves; When the perpetrator is male, it gives results in favor of the perpetrator. Another example of masculine justice was the result of the Elmalı case. In the Elmalı case, which was opened with the abuse of 2 siblings, the defendants were acquitted. 


While the laws do not protect women and children; it works in favor of the perpetrators of violence. Those who released the defendants in the Elmalı case; those who sentenced Çilem, who had to protect herself, to 15 years; and those who sentenced perpetrator within the scope of willful injury instead of sentencing homicidal attempt are the same. Our fight will continue against those who do not protect women and children and do not punish perpetrators of violence essentially. 


The Victory of Organized Female Workers at Vestel  

Our member Yeliz Kurt who works in Vestel and was unfairly fired from the job,won the reemployment lawsuit. Female workers are getting organized. The more organized we are, the stronger our fight becomes. This fight is also the victory of organized female workers’.There is an organized workers' movement against the bosses who think they can usurp the rights of the workers. No female worker will ever walk alone!  


6284 and Its Consequences  

Regulating many measures such as expulsion, close protection against perpetrators; Law No. 6284, which gives women many rights from financial empowerment to changing their identity information, and which came into force as a result of years of fight of women's organizations, protects women if implemented effectively. The enactment of Law No. 6284, which was brought to protect women and prevent violence, became possible after the signing of the Istanbul Convention. 


Özgür Arduç, who stabbed and killed university student Ceren Özdemir in front of her house in Ordu, was sentenced to two-times aggravated life imprisonment for ‘deliberate murder with a monstrous feeling’ upheld by the Penal Department no.1 of the supreme court.    


The verdict hearing of Güldane Biçer, who was killed 10 years ago by the man she was married to, was held. The defendant was sentenced to a life sentence with a good time credit discount.  


A decision was made in the case of Gülizar Özçiftçi, who was killed by the man her daughter wanted to break up with. The accused was given aggravated life imprisonment for the crime of premeditated murder. 


In the case of Çiğdem Dönmez, who was killed by the brother and nephews of the man she was married to, a defendant was sentenced to 12 years in prison with a reduction of ‘unjust provocation’ and ‘good time credit’. The other defendants were acquitted. 


The case of Pakize Dalar, who was attempted murder with stabbing by the man she was married to, was upheld. The accused was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison, with a good time credit discount. 


3-month-old baby Elif Ada, who was subjected to violence by her father in Antalya Serik, passed away. Describing the moments of the event, mother Beyza Bur E. said “Normally he was beating me. The baby woke up to our voices. He took his anger out on the baby.” The father who was taken into custody upon the mother’s complaint was arrested. Mother Beyza Nur E. said that the perpetrator had resorted to violence against her daughter before, and he had broken her (Beyza Nur’s) arm. 


In Ankara Batıkent, two girls aged 12 and 13, sitting at a table in a café, were subjected to verbal and then physical abuse by six people who came to the café and were stated to be drug addicts. Meanwhile, Haydarcan Kılıçdoğan sitting at the next table and the waiter working at the café intervened. Then, 28-year-old Haydarcan Kılıçdoğan was stabbed to death in 6 times as a result of the attack of the harassers.  


There were three hate attacks in one week in İzmir. Three trans women were seriously injured, one trans woman was killed by an unidentified person. In one of the attacks, a man attacked two transwomen, one hour apart. The situation of the women who were attacked is serious.   

All these situations show how vital the full and effective implementation of the Istanbul Convention and 6824 is for women. For the effective protection of women, the injunction should be followed, the process should be followed, all units of the state should protect women’s rights and public officials who don’t fulfil their duties should not go unpunished. 


Suspicious female deaths should be clarified immediately! 


As we have explained in our reports for a while, there is a very serious increase in the number of suspicious female deaths presented as a suicide or natural death and the number of women who are suspiciously dead with the duration of pandemic and lockdown. Suspicious murders of women, unfortunately, can be even more difficult than murders of women. It is necessary to reveal whether women were killed by accident on the basis of gender (whether it was femicide), whether they committed suicide or were driven to suicide. 


The suspicious deaths of 21 women we learnt in November should be brought to daylight as soon as possible. The thing to do is clear; the termination decision of the Istanbul Convention should be withdrawn, the protection law 6284 and the Istanbul Convention should be implemented effectively together with all institutions and organizations. Investigations into suspicious femicides should be carefully examined and concluded quickly. 


Arzu Demirden, a 24-year-old mother of a child and 8 months pregnant in İstanbul, was found dead in her home hanging from a natural gas pipe. She had been subjected to violence many times from Engin Demirden, to whom she was married, and it is learnt that in the message she sent to her family she wrote ‘If I die, my husband is responsible.’ 


In Van, 40-year-old Fezi A. was found dead in her house. Even though her death was  registered as suicide, it was found out that she systematically was subjected to violence of Azamet A. whom she was married to and she had settled in women's shelters many times & was subjected to violence by Azamet A. the day before she died. 


In Bursa, 45-year-old Senay Mutlu fell off the terrace and lost her life when she had gone out on the terrace with Mehmet Mutlu whom she was married to. 


In Mersin, 3-year-old Muslume Yagal was found dead in the woods 10 days after she disappeared. It came out that Hasan Yagal who has been arrested as a part of the investigation, had sexually assaulted Muslume’s mother. 


In Bartin, 31-year-old Songul Sari was wanted missing and her dead body was found in a water well 1 kilometer from her home. It was stated that Songul wrote the names of 3 family members with a pen on the wall of the water well and blamed those people for her death. 


In Adana, 20-year-old Ekin Gokce Yildiz was the mother of 1 child and she lost her life in the hospital she was taken to after being found injured by a gunshot in the garden of apartment. It was determined that Tolga A. whom Ekin had last spoken to on the phone came to the basement where Ekin was shot.  


Tulin, a trans woman who was found injured on the roadside in Kocaeli, died in the hospital that she was taken to. It’s learned that her friends said that she was kicked out of the truck and died because of that. 


In Izmir, 22-year-old trans woman Berrak got stabbed to death in the chest by the perpetrator after she had an argument in the train station with an unidentified person. 


What happened about women in the month of November? 


The Council of State refused the demands for the suspension of the President's decision regarding the withdrawal of signature from the Istanbul Convention. However, the plaintiffs objected to this decision and the file has been moved to the Board of Administrative Case Chambers which is the highest decision body of the Council of State.  


The documentary "Dying to Divorce’’ in which one of our platform lawyers Ipek Bozkurt and one of our representatives Aysen Ece Kavas tell the reality of patriarchal violence in Turkey and their struggles for women’s rights has been nominated for an Oscar as the best international feature film in England. 


President Erdogan argued that "Turkey ranks first among the countries with the most comprehensive and effective legislation against the problem of violence against women." in his statement on November 25 and he said “We should not forget that the elimination of violence against women also the struggle to protect the rights, law and honor of our mothers, spouses and daughters.” 


A report released in Australia revealed that one-third of federal parliamentary employees had been sexually harassed. Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the findings "appalling" in the report. The report noted that the rate of harassment among female parliamentarians was 63 percent higher than general workers. 


Dilek Demir, the only female headman in Muradiye (Diyarbakir's Baglar district) prevented 40 girls from being forced into early marriages. Demir who also was forced into marriage at the age of 14 said; "I have sworn that no girl should be taken out of school particularly." 


Life Struggle Stories of 25 Women who got killed in month of November  


In Ankara, 44-year-old Meltem Layiker was a mother of 3 children and she got killed with a knife by Omer Demir who was her ex husband in front of her children’s eyes just because she had refused his ‘‘reconciliation proposal’’  


In Malatya, 38-year-old Nursel Taskin got stabbed from the back with a knife by Irfan Taskin when she had gone to market. According to the statement of Nursel's daughter, it was learned that Nursel who was subjected to violence had a suspension order about the perpetrator. 


In Aydın, Huriye Şentürk, aged 71, was killed alongside her daughter Sevda Şentürk, aged 49, by Hüseyin Şentürk the man she was in the process of divorce, with a shotgun. The perpetrator later committed suicide with the same weapon. 


In Gaziantep, Behiye Çakır, aged 57, was killed by a sharp object by Ali Çakır, the man she was in the process of divorce, on the pretext that she wanted 500 TL alimony. The perpetrator was arrested and taken into prison. 


İlknur Gökay Tuncel, aged 42, was stabbed to death by Selçuk Gezici, the man she used to be with, on her way to her house from Kırklareli’s Lüleburgaz Municipality where she worked. İlknur’s sister said that the perpetrator had been disturbing İlknur often after they broke up and İlknur had formed a complaint against the perpetrator. 


In Antalya, Ayşegül Sert, aged 45, was shot to death by Sadullah G., the man she was with. It was learned that the perpetrator called the apartment manager, said “I killed my girlfriend, I am going to commit suicide. Call the police”, and then committed suicide. 


In Bartın, Azize Gülmez, aged 25, was shot to death by Ercan Özkavlak, the man she used to be with. 


In İstanbul, Başak Cengiz, aged 28, was killed with a samurai sword when she was walking on the street by Can Göktuğ Boz. It was learned the perpetrator stated he went outside to kill a woman because she would be defenceless. 


In İstanbul, Neslihan Batur, aged 45, was killed by Habip Başar, the man she was with, on the pretext of jealousy. To hide her body, he threw her in the water well of a factory. It was learned that after the murder, the perpetrator called Neslihan’s son and said “I can’t reach your mom”. 


In İstanbul, Hanife Demirci, a mother of two, was stabbed to death in the middle of the street by Satı Mehmet Demirci, the man she was in the process of divorce, on the pretext of jealousy. 


In İstanbul, Gülsüm Yarış, aged 38 and mother of two, was killed with a shotgun by Sedat Kalındaş, the man she used to be married to. 


In Ordu, Selime Pişkin, aged 45 and mother of four, died after getting run over by a car by İbrahim Pişkin, the man she was in the process of divorce, when she was walking on the street with her children. 


In Hatay, Senem Kafalı, aged 45 and mother of three, was strangled to death with a scarf by Harun Kafalı, the man she was married to. 


In Bursa, Nurdan Budak, aged 26 and mother of two, was killed with a shotgun by Kemal Bulut, the man she was together on the pretext of jealousy. It was learned that after burying the lifeless body of Nurdan, the perpetrator went to a thermal bath. 


In Kayseri, Şahinder Karakulak, aged 40 and mother of two, was stabbed to death by her father during a discussion. 


In Batman, Doğan Demir injured Müzeyyen Karabulut, whom he was religiously married to and killed Karabulut’s sister Sultan Karabulut. It was learned that Müzeyyen Karabulut had formed a complaint about Demir many times. 


In Gaziantep, Esra Maş, aged 31 and mother of five, was killed by Hasan Maş, the man she was married to, in the car and in front of her children, on the pretext that she wanted a divorce. 


In Fethiye, Sahra Gizem Aksu, aged 46, died after getting run over with a car by the man she was with. 


In Gaziantep, Neslihan Kaya, aged 41 and mother of two, was killed by her throat being by cut by T.D. 


It was revealed that Songül Değirmenci, aged 44, who was found dead in her house in Samsun, was strangled to death by Nami Işık, the man she was with. 


In Erzurum, Zeynep Uçar, aged 19, was killed with a bread knife by Mehmet Yalçın, the man she used to be with, on the pretext that she wanted to break up. 


In Kocaeli, Ayşegül Aydın, aged 16, who was sexually assaulted by A.M. and was seriously injured by getting hit in the head with a stone after she resisted him, passed away in the hospital she was receiving treatment since the 12th of July. 


In İstanbul, Şahibe Altıntaş, mother of two, was battered to death by Mehmet Altıntaş, the man she was married to, in the textile factory they both worked in. 


It was revealed that Fadime Balcı, who was stabbed to death in Trabzon in 2005, was killed by her relative Hüray Balcı on the pretext of theft. 

Our report: It consists of the news reflected in the press about the cases of violence towards women, recent events and the details of women movement. We prepare our report by compiling the news reflected in the press and the application coming directly to us and after reaching a sufficient number we create our report in this framework. We deal with The Femicide report according to Femicide concept after collecting and evaluating them. According to the concept of femicide; “From embryo to elder, all female gender individuals are killed or forced to commit suicide by a man simply because of their gender or on the pretext of their actions contrary to the perception of gender identity. 

Femicides shouldn't be perceived as murders in which only women are killed. Through femicides, which are committed with hatred, what is attacked is the identity of woman. 



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