We Will Stop Femicides Platform August 2022 Report
In August 2022, 33 women were killed by men and 15 women were found suspiciously dead.

2022 August Report*

33 Femicides and 15 Suspicious Deaths of Women in August

The fight to stop femicides in Turkey has been going on for 12 years. As the Platform, since we identified the need in 2010, we have been disclosing femicide data to the public. Instead of explaining how many women have been killed, why, how and by whom, the Ministry of Interior distorts the facts by saying that the data on femicides are incorrectly prepared. It is the duty of the state not only to disclose the reality of femicides and suspicious deaths of women, but also to implement concrete solutions to stop femicides. We will continue to fight for the mobilization of all relevant ministries and mechanisms to fulfil this duty.

13 women were killed on the pretext of wanting to take decisions about their life

This month, 33 femicides were committed, and 15 women were found suspiciously dead. The reason behind 17 of the 33 femicides could not be determined. 14 women were killed on the pretext of wanting to take decisions about their own life, such as wanting a divorce, refusing to reconcile, refusing to marry, or rejecting a relationship, and 2 women were killed on economic pretexts. The inability to determine the excuse behind the murder of 17 women is the result of violence against women and femicides being rendered invisible. Unless it is determined by whom and why women were killed, unless a fair trial is conducted and the suspects, defendants and murderers are given deterrent punishments and unless preventive measures are implemented, violence continues to increase in size.

We would like to share the names of the women, each of whom was a life:

Femicide data in the month of August by city:

By whom were the women killed?

Of the 33 women killed in August, 15 were killed by the man they were married to, 5 by the man they were with, 4 by their father, 3 by their relative, 3 by someone they didn’t know, 1 by the man she used to be married to, 1 by her son and 1 by a man she met online. This month, 45% of the women who were killed were killed by the man they were married to.

Women were mostly killed in their homes

20 of the women were killed at their home, 4 at their workplace, 2 in a field, 2 in a deserted place, 1 in a car, 1 in the street, 1 on a waterfront and 1 in a bus terminal. It could not be determined where 1 woman were killed. 61% of the women killed this month were killed in their homes.

Women were mostly killed with firearms

21 of the women killed this month were killed with firearms, 8 with sharp objects, 1 by strangulation, 1 being beaten to death and 1 by being pushed from a height. The weapon which was used to kill 1 woman could not be determined. 64% of the women killed this month were killed with firearms.

The employment status of women still cannot be determined

It is very difficult to determine the employment status of women. We believe that this important data should be taken into consideration by the members of the press. According to the data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), the number of women who were absent from the labour force due to their domestic labour was 10 million 35 thousand. According to TÜİK, the number of women who were not included in the labour force in the first quarter of the year (January-February-March) was 21 million 390 thousand. TÜİK’s warped data is an attempt to cover up the true extent of women’s unemployment. Women who are not included in or are removed from employment become more vulnerable to the dangers of gender-based discrimination, violence, and femicide. According to the data available this month, 4 of the women were employed. The employment status of 29 of the women is unknown.

The Policies of Impunity will End, Law No. 6284 Will Be Implemented

The state continues its impunity policies for perpetrators and law enforcement officers who fail to fulfil their duties.

This month, Beyza Doğan was murdered by Selim Tekin, who had kidnapped her five times before, had 35 criminal complaints and, despite a restraining order, entered her house by force. It was learned that the perpetrator had also sexually abused 15-year-old Ş.Ü in 2018. Ş.Ü said, “If he had been arrested during my trial process, Beyza would have been alive”.

In the same week, Ezgi Zerkin was murdered by Deniz Özarslan, the man she was in the process of divorce and had a restraining order against. Despite Ezgi Zerkin and her family’s numerous complaints, the perpetrator’s history of violence and previous sentence for threatening two women with a gun and Ezgi’s request for protection, the authorities did not fulfil their duties. Ezgi’s mother also said that the state did not protect her daughter. Similarly, Hamide Şeyh Müslim had filed a complaint with the police upon getting threats, but the police sent her away, saying, “Don’t worry, he talks like this, but he won’t do anything”. The perpetrator raided Hamide’s house with a gun and killed Hamide and her brother.

As a result, we wanted to examine the data, obtained from the femicides reported in the press, of the women who had filed a complaint to the police or the prosecutor’s office but were nevertheless murdered. The data shows 17 of the 185 women murdered in the first 8 months of 2021 and 33 of the 221 women murdered in the first 8 months of 2022 had filed a complaint to the police or the prosecutor’s office for protection.

As a result of the women’s struggle, women know their rights, take legal action and do everything necessary to avoid being subjected to violence, avoid being killed and survive. However, our data shows that women’s complaints are not taken seriously, protection orders are not effectively implemented, and the authorities neglect their duties. The state does not protect women even if they receive not one, not three, but thirty-five protection orders. We see how the ‘zero tolerance to violence against women’ is just a hollow phrase in the eyes of the state when they withdrew from the Istanbul Convention, when Ayşe Tuba Arslan was not protected even though she complained 23 times, when every attempt of Dilara Yıldız to stay alive failed and when Hülya Elkoca was murdered even though she complained 30 times and obtained a restraining order against the perpetrator. Fadim Güner, Hanife Çakıcı, Şenay Ayvalıoğlu and Ayşe Korur, who were murdered this month, had filed complaints against their perpetrators but were not protected.

We said before that violence has increased and changed in dimension following the decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention. Despite Protection Law No. 6284, as the government’s attacks on our rights increase, the tendency of the authorities not to implement the law increases. The perpetrators take strength from the negligence and these tendencies, so much so that we see the perpetrator who murdered Ayşe Korur posting on social media, “I cleaned my honor, I am proud.” We will not give up on our struggle and the Istanbul Convention until the laws are applied equally for everyone and policies of impunity end!


You Will Not Discourage Us, We Will Not Give Up Our Freedoms!

In the previous months, we witnessed how the concerts of many artists, such as Aynur Doğan, Melek Mosso and Ece Seçkin, were cancelled under various pretexts. The government continues its efforts to repress society by cancelling festivals. Those who try to restrict our lives should know that we will never give up our freedoms. Recently, Gülşen was frequently targeted because of what she wears, what she stands for and what she says. We do not accept the intimidation efforts against the whole society through Gülşen, who was arrested this month and then released on house arrest. We are aware that all these attacks against Gülşen are because she refuses to give up on an equal and free life. For what she said 4 months ago, Gülşen was arrested with the judgement that judicial control provisions would be insufficient. However, the justice mechanisms neither work as fast nor take the necessary measures when it comes to men who are prosecuted for sexual abuse, have committed violence and threaten to kill women. Beyza, Ezgi and many other women would still be alive if the laws were implemented effectively.


The Ministry Should Not Manipulate the Facts!

The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced in the first 7 months of 2022, 151 femicides took place. According to our data, there were 188 femicides.

Women are not just numbers in our data. We know the names and stories of every one of them. We ask the Ministry of Interior, which woman’s death is not femicide for you? Moreover, what does the term femicide mean to you? The Ministry should not manipulate the data but publish accurate and reliable data. Define femicide correctly!

We also do not see anything regarding the suspicious deaths of women in the Ministry’s data. The truth behind many suspicious deaths is not revealed because you do not conduct effective investigations.

Despite attempts of the political power to downplay femicides and ignore the suspicious deaths of women, we will follow every femicide and every suspicious death. As they try to cover them up, we will shout the names of those women everywhere. This month, we were in the squares in İzmir for Aslıhan Sinem Çiçek, Dilek Karcı, Ezgi Zerkin and Hanife Çakıcı, and we will continue to be in the squares for all women!

University Women Assemblies

The results of the Higher Education Foundations Examination (YKS) have been announced. Our struggle grows with the women in universities; welcome to the university and our struggle. We will achieve free, equal and democratic universities together!

Law No. 6284 and Its Results 

Law No. 6284 regulates many measures, including restraining orders and protection measures. It provides women with many rights, from economic empowerment to changing their identity information. It came into force after years of struggle by women’s organizations. If Law No. 6284 is implemented effectively, it protects women. The enactment of Law No. 6284, which was introduced to protect women and prevent violence, was only possible after the Istanbul Convention was signed.


2,5-year-old Müslüme Yağal was found dead in Mersin, 9 days after she went missing. The expert report revealed she was sexually abused and murdered by her grandfather Hasan Yağal. Previous investigations revealed the perpetrator had also sexually abused Müslüme’s mother.

In 2016, Sibel Çelik, who lived in İzmir, was sexually abused and burnt to death by Halil Yılmaz. The perpetrator who fled to Germany was extradited to Turkey after 6 years and was arrested.

The case of Ceren Ünal, who was found suspiciously dead in her house in Ankara last year, was ruled a ‘suicide’, and a decision of non-prosecution was given. Our lawyers started the appeal process, citing negligence in the investigation, such as the male DNA found in Ceren’s fingernail and her cell phone left unexamined.

The truth behind the suspicious death of Ece Kılıçaslan, who lost her life after falling off her balcony in Istanbul on the 16th of March, is still not revealed. After 5 months, the prosecutor still hasn’t completed the investigation, the forensic report hasn’t been provided, and the lawyers can’t access the file due to the confidentiality order.

Prof. Dr. Esin Davutoğlu Şenol learnt that Mustafa Yücel, the man who threatened her with death and was released pending trial, broke his electronic handcuff and therefore couldn’t be monitored. It was learned the Public Security Monitoring Unit called Şenol to tell her to tighten her own precautions.

In İzmir, 20-year-old Havva Demirci was beaten and stabbed 51 times by Emre Duran, the man she was living with, on the pretext of jealousy. It was revealed that the perpetrator had a criminal record of ‘extortion’, ‘sexual assault’ and ‘attempted homicide’.


All these examples show how vital the full and effective implementation of the Istanbul Convention and Law No. 6824 is for women. For the effective protection of women, injunctions must be implemented, the process must be followed, all units of the state must protect women’s rights, and public officials who fail to fulfil their duties must not go unpunished.


Suspicious deaths of women should be revealed immediately

In İstanbul, 32-year-old Hadel Alhadad, mother of 5, fell to her death from a balcony. Hadel had come to İstanbul to stay with her brother because she was having problems with the man she was married to. Her brother said, while he was taking a shower, she jumped, but Hadel’s clothes and handbag were on her. Hadel’s brother was detained.


In Samsun, 23-year-old Kader Keskin was found dead on the sidewalk in front of her apartment building. It is thought that Kader may have fallen from her apartment.


In İstanbul, 28-year-old Selen Horlu was found dead in her apartment. Chemical substances were found in her house.


In İstanbul, 60-year-old Zeynep Demircan died after the gun of Abdüllatif Demircan, the man she was married to, allegedly accidentally fired while he was cleaning it. The perpetrator was released on bail.


Abdulmalek Bentchikou was detained regarding the death of his 17-year-old sister Manel Zohaira Bentchikou, who allegedly jumped from the 8th floor of a residence in İstanbul. In his statement to the police, the suspect said when he saw inappropriate photos of his sister with her boyfriend, they had an argument and then she jumped from the window.

What happened regarding women in August?

Women took to the streets on the first anniversary of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and continued their protests despite the Taliban firing into the air. 

According to The Period Products bill passed by the Scottish Parliament, it became a legal obligation for authorities to provide free menstrual products to anyone in need. In response, a Turkish brand petitioned the Turkish Grand National Assembly to reduce the VAT on menstrual pads to 1%.


Following the Zeytinli Rock Festival, Milyonfest, another music festival, was also cancelled. The reason given was that the festival area is in a special environmental protection zone.

The stories of the life struggles of the 33 women killed in August

In Adana, 28-year-old Melek Yıldırım, mother of 3, was stabbed to death in her sleep by Ramazan Ü., the man she was with. Ramazan Ü. had previously used violence against Melek Yıldırım many times. Ramazan Ü. was detained.


In Balıkesir, 43-year-old Susenber Özdemir was shot dead by Dursun Özdemir, the man she was in the process of divorce. The perpetrator committed suicide after the incident.


In Istanbul, 16-year-old Beyza Doğan was shot dead by Selim Tekin when he broke into her house, the man she had complained 35 times before. Beyza, who had a protection order, was previously kidnapped by the perpetrator. Despite being tried for all these crimes, the perpetrator was never arrested. He committed suicide after the murder.

In Gaziantep, 29-year-old Hamide Şeyh Müslim, was shot dead by Ümit Dur, the man she was with. Hamide Şeyh Müslim had been subjected to systematic violence for a long time and wanted to end her relationship with him. One month after her restraining order against him expired, Ümit Dur came to the residence where Hamide and her family lived, killed her and her disabled sibling and seriously injured her mother. The perpetrator and the two others who helped him were arrested.


In Konya, 36-year-old Fadim Süner, mother of 4, was shot dead by Bayram Süner, the man she was married to. Fadim Süner had filed for divorce, but she had postponed it for a short time because her child was getting married. It was stated that she had previously gotten a restraining order against him. The perpetrator was arrested.


In İzmir, Dilek Karcı, mother of 2, was shot dead with a hunting rifle by Ergün Karcı, the man she was married to.


In Tekirdağ, 25-year-old Mehlika Derici was killed by being thrown from a cliff by Selçuk Çetiner, the man she was with, on the pretext of jealousy. The perpetrator committed suicide by jumping off the same cliff.


In Çanakkale, 38-year-old Ayşe Korur was shot dead with a hunting rifle by Gencay Korur, the man she was in the process of divorce. The perpetrator then posted on his social media saying, “Announcing to everyone, I have cleaned my honor”.


In İzmir, 31-year-old Ezgi Zerkin was shot dead by Deniz Özarslan, the man she was in the process of divorce and had gotten a restraining order against. The perpetrator has still not been caught. It was learned that the perpetrator was previously sentenced to 5 months in prison for threatening two women with a gun.


In İzmir, 33-year-old Hanife Çakıcı, mother of 2, was stabbed to death by Haydar Çakıcı, the man she was married to, in the bus terminal where she went to escape from him. It was learned that Hanife was subjected to continuous violence, and she had previously gotten a restraining order against the perpetrator.


Aslıhan Sinem Çiçek, whose body was found on the side of the highway in İzmir on the 27th of July, lost her life. Although Aslıhan gave 3 names before her death, only Burak Kaya, who was found with a weapon and Aslıhan’s phone, was arrested on the charge of extortion. 


In Adana, 80-year-old Neriman Güngör, who was bedridden and had Alzheimer’s, was strangled to death with a pillow by Şeref Güngör, her son.


In İstanbul, 63-year-old Mihriban Arduç was shot dead in a café by Hakan Asilkan. It was learned that the perpetrator had a criminal record for ‘willful injury’.


In Antalya, Şenay Ayvaoğlu, mother of 3, was shot dead by Serkan Ayvaoğlu, the man she was in the process of divorce and had gotten two restraining orders against.

In Afyon, 37-year-old Sibel Uyanık was murdered with a firearm by Mehmet Ali Uyanık, the man she was married to, on the pretext of jealousy. The perpetrator first shot Adil D. and his son İbrahim D. in front of a coffee house and then killed Sibel Uyanık in a workplace where she had escaped and hid. He then posted, “Revenge is my job” on social media.

In Aydın, 22-year-old Filiz Girgin was shot with a hunting rifle in her house by Levent Girgin, the man she was married to, on the pretext that he was disturbed by her social media posts. Filiz Girgin, mother of 2, lost her life in the hospital where she was taken.

In İzmir, 32-year-old Berivan Uslu was shot dead by Recep Uslu, the man she was in the process of divorce. Berivan Uslu was staying at her father’s house. The perpetrator, who climbed into the house from the balcony, also shot Berivan’s father and two sisters. Her father, Şemsettin Çelik, died while her sisters were seriously wounded. It was learned that the perpetrator had previously stabbed Berivan and had beaten her to prevent her from filing a complaint.

It was revealed that Ayşen Çöl, who lived in Ankara, was killed by Durmuş Çöl, the man she had married 2 months ago. Durmuş Çöl confessed to the murder and said when they were arguing over assets, he killed her by hitting her in the head with a hammer, wrapped her in foil and buried her in the garden.

In Sinop, 52-year-old Gülten İnan was stabbed to death by Kadir Karabulut, with whom she allegedly had a debt dispute. The perpetrator then burned her body along with her car and threw them into a lake. 

In Çanakkale, 60-year-old Ülkü Akın was shot dead with a rifle by 14-year-old S. A., the nephew of the man she was married to.

In Şırnak, 17-year-old Firdevs Babat was found dead in the Hezıl Stream 2 days after her disappearance. It was revealed that she was shot dead by Ahmet Babat, the man she was with, and was thrown into the stream.

It was revealed that 50-year-old Nura Haj Suleyman and her 13-year-old daughter Riham Ali Elmuhammed, whose bodies were found in a mountainous area in Kilis, were stabbed to death by their relative Şerif Haj Suleyman.

In Şırnak, 37-year-old Leyla Karaaslan and her daughters 17-year-old Derya Karaaslan, 16-year-old Melek Karaaslan and 13-year-old Şerife Karaaslan were shot dead with a rifle Hasan Karaaslan, the man she was married to.

In Konya, 45-year-old Sanem Gürbüz was shot dead with a rifle by Hüsnü Gürbüz, the man she was married to.

In Artvin, Rita Egnatashvili was shot dead by Şakro Egnatashvili, the man she was married to, on the pretext of cheating. It was learned that the perpetrator later committed suicide with the same gun.

In İstanbul, 45-year-old Sevtap Akbacı was murdered along with her 21-year-old daughter Muazzez Gezici by Korkut Gezici, the man she used to be married to, on the pretext of cheating.

In Sinop, 48-year-old Sultan Karaaslan was stabbed in 9 places in her house. She died in the hospital where she was taken. Akif A., who was found to have left Sultan’s house and had traces of blood on him, was arrested.

In Aydın, 33-year-old Necla Aydoğdu was killed with a sharp object by Mustafa Aydoğdu, the man she was married to.


*Our Report: Every month, the news on violence against women in the press includes cases, new incidents and details about the women’s movement. We compile the news reflected in the press and the applications that come directly to us, reach a number and prepare our report within this framework. We analyse, compile and evaluate our Femicide Report according to the concept of femicide. In other words, the conceptualization of femicide is; “the killing or forcing into suicide of the female gender, from embryo to fetus, from infant to child, from adult to elderly, by a man, simply because of their gender or on the pretext of their actions contrary to the gender stereotypes and the perception of gender identity. Femicides should not be perceived sorely as murders in which people of the female gender are killed. In these murders committed with hatred, what is attacked is the female identity itself”


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