2020 March Report of We Will End Femicide Platform
In March 2020, 29 women were murdered by men, 9 women were found dead suspiciously. Sexual violence and child abuse are continuing.

Report of March 2020*



29 Femicide and 9 suspicious women deaths in March

We are in a state of emergency as a whole world and country due to the recent coronavirus pandemic. Extraordinary precautions are taken during these extraordinary times. However, this period which everyone shall stay home as a precaution, causes different kinds of difficulties for women. Women must stay at homes where they are abused the most. So, taking precautions also in this matter has vital importance.


It could not be detected why 23 women died.

29 women were murdered and 9 were found dead under suspicious conditions this month. 21 of these women were murdered during the 20 days period of quarantine calls between March 11 and March 31. While it couldn't be detected why 23 out of 29 women were killed, 2 of the rest were murdered due to economic excuses and 4 were murdered for wanting to make decisions on their own lives such as creating a social media account, asking for a divorce or refusing to get back together with their ex. As long as it is unclear who committed femicide and why; there is no fair judgement, defendants and murderers do not receive different punishments and the authorities do not take preventions, violence is continuing by changing dimension.


Femicide rates by cities are as following:



We would like to share the names of our sisters with you that were each a life.



By whom were women killed?

It could not be detected whom 4 of the women were killed by. 9 were murdered by the man they were married with, 5 were by their male partners, 4 were by relatives, 2 were by the men they used to be married with, 2 were by their sons, 1 was by her father, 1 was by her former partner and 1 was murdered by her brother.


Women were mostly killed by firearms.

15 women were killed by firearms while 9 were killed by cutting tools, 2 were by drowning and 1 was murdered by assault. Unfortunately, it could not be detected how 2 women were murdered.


Working status of the women is still unknown

It is hard to determine the working status of the women. We think this critical data should be under the consideration of press members. According to the datas by TUIK this month, the number of women engaged with housework has decreased 382 thousand compared to last year.

Thus, according to TURKSTAT, the number of women who were not even considered labor force decreased to 11 million 359 thousand in November 2019. TURKSTAT's interpretation of data in this way is to try to cover the true dimension of women's unemployment. We know that women who are not accepted in working life or dismissed from employment are becoming more vulnerable to the dangers of gender-based discrimination, violence and femicide in society. According to available data, 8 of the women work in a workplace and the working status of 21 women is unknown.

Women are killed in different regions and provinces and women want cities where they are not killed.


6284 and consequences

Regulating many measures such as suspension and close protection for those who commit violence; 6284 protects women if it is implemented effectively, which has given many rights from the financial empowerment of women to changing identity information and which has come into force as a result of years of struggle of women's organizations.

While it is not known whether 26 of the women killed in March had a protection order; it is known that only 3 women have the decision to suspension or protect.

Hülya Ç., a 35-year-old mother of 1 child living in Maltepe, Istanbul where she is in the divorce phase and injured with firearm by Bahtiyar Ç.

Sevgi F., who was walking on the street in Istanbul, was attacked by Serdar T. in the middle of the street with a firearm. Sevgi F. was injured.

Buket S., who lived in Gaziantep because 6284 was not used effectively, was injured with a cutting tool under the pretext of “relocate” by Mahmut S. was enthused by his son Murat S. who is at prison and in the divorce phase. Buket S. asked for protection.

Buse Güler, 22, who lives in Istanbul, wants to leave C.A. attacked by firearm in the middle of the street after work. Buse Güler is struggling for life.

18-year-old Selin, who lives in Istanbul, was injured with gun fire in the head by her father Şevket Ç., Selin is struggling for life.

Hatun K., who lives in Mersin, was beaten in the middle of the street and was injured with a firearm by the man she divorced in front of her 7-year-old child last year. Hatun K., who has made 29 complaints until this, says that she still receiving death treats via letters by the imprisoned man on trial and says, “authorities should do something before I die, I don't want my kids to be motherless.” Just like Ayşe Tuba Arslan, you have to hear all women who have repeatedly complained and take all necessary precautions when they are alive, and not after the femicide. Otherwise it is nothing more than to tolerate femicide and violence against women. However, if 6284 activities were implemented effectively in this month, women would be alive, and children would not be left without a mother. Eight of the women who were killed had children.

There has been no improvement regarding the 21-year-old Gülistan Doku, which has been missing since January 5th. We continue to ask #GülistanDokuNerede (#WhereIsGülistanDoku) in order to conduct an effective investigation and reveal what happened to Gulistan as soon as possible.


What happened about women in March?

All developments:

Istanbul Convention, 6284 keeps you alive also in Corona days.

With the first emerging coronavirus cases in Turkey, we all entered into an unusual process. Quarantine measures, which were started to be taken especially for the transmission of the virus, brought along many problems.

Primarily, with the holiday of schools, only women who were “mothers” were given the right to work from home by some institutions and organizations, as if the responsibility of caring for children was only on women.

Along with practices such as quarantine, isolation, and working from home, women particularly faced more threats of domestic violence. Women who have reached the Platform for Stopping Women Murders, said that they had given up complaints because they are afraid to leave the house because of the corona, and when they returned home from their universities, they had noticed the increase in violence against women at home or when the perpetrators were sick / old, they had a hard time deciding to apply for removal from home during the corona days. Virus outside, violence inside; the most primary life rights of women are left between the two dangers. For this reason, it is very important to effectively implement the 6284 and the Istanbul Convention and to organize public spots, live broadcasts and trainings about them, and for all women to learn about their rights and where to apply. Call and support lines for women should be available 24/7, and these mechanisms should also be created digitally. As the Platform for Stopping Women Murders and Women's Councils, we have prepared a “ Guide to Protection from Violence ” on this issue and we have identified the emergency plans that should be made for all institutions. You can reach and spread our guide from the link.

Different countries also experience similar problems. However, while following sanctions against violence against women in different countries, we saw that the Mayor of Rome announced in Italy that the anti-violence unit was working 24 hours a day and that the Minister of Justice of Austria said that a special law would be enacted. In Turkey, an additional and urgent package has not been released yet. Both Turkey and research held around world show that houses are the places where women are exposed to violence the most. For this reason, the right to life of women and children should be protected by emergency measures, without delay.

While we were trying to secure our homes in quarantine because of coronavirus, we faced another enemy practice again with a new penal execution arrangement. All the public opinion objected to the news that the crimes against sexual immunity will be discounted under this new execution arrangement, saying “we will not allow discounts in sexual crimes” and reacted greatly.  It was announced that the penal execution package would be reorganized upon objections. There cannot be reduction in sexual crimes, so we are following the execution package process. Our struggle will continue to ensure that there are no reductions in sexual crimes.

While waiting an additional package of measures during the corona days; the Board of Judges and Prosecutors announced that, according to the General Assembly Resolutions , the measure decisions under 6284 as one of the coronavirus measures will be evaluated in a way that will not affect the health of the obligations. In line with this decision, removal decisions, which are an important gain for women, should not be made difficult. Women's rights of life cannot be adjourned or postponed during the quarantine period.  The state should develop opportunities to accommodate the person who is suspended in such emergencies.  In addition, the conditions of shelters should be organized in accordance with quarantine measures, and procedures should be facilitated by all institutions and organizations.

During the corona days, there were positive developments with our struggle. As Olcay Senem explained the harassment she experienced at Kars Culture and Tourism Provincial Directorate and complained about it, this time she was like exiled to the Library as a result of the investigation opened by the Ministry of Culture. As a result of our negotiations and struggle, our friend returned to his former position at Kars Culture Directorate. The outcome of the investigation into the perpetrator who has been complained about harassment has not been announced, and we will continue to be followers of this investigation too.


Women filled squares around the world and Turkey in March 8 this year as well.

This year, we welcomed March 8 with interesting explanations.  "The future of societies that see women as commodities, not just human beings, tormenting them because of their gender cannot be bright," President Erdogan said in a speech for them based on their gender are against Islam," said Erbaş, President of Religious Affairs, in his March 8 message. " We achieved 32 percent decrease in women's murders over the two-month period compared to the same period of the previous year " said in a statement Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, "We have achieved everything with them. But now we want to achieve something for them. We are trying to make a world and Turkey in which violence against women ended and not remembered, far from living so." he said.


In year 2020, we have not yet achieved gender equality in Turkey. To ensure this equality, we always say that all institutions and organizations should abandon sexism in both discourse and practice and egalitarian policies. We say that the 6284 protection law and the Istanbul Convention are not being implemented effectively in every report, every time we go out, every time we enter social media. We say once again the importance of the implementation of the 6284 and the Istanbul Convention, especially during these days when women are forced to stay in homes where they are killed the most and threatened with violence. If our country leaders think so too, why are we still talking about women's murders and violence against women? Just as extraordinary measures are taken for coronavirus, extraordinary measures should be taken for women immediately. 

Yes, it is true, there is a significant decrease in female murder data compared to last year. This was achieved as a result of the struggle of women, saying "You have to apply 6284".

Women succeeded thanks to our follow-up to ensure justice that murderers can’t get a discount because they wear a tie and no suspicious death can be covered.

In the institutions where we need to apply first when we are exposed to violence, we continue to succeed by saying “No! I want to benefit from the law numbered 6284 ”. But when the relevant institutions and organizations do not fulfill their duties, women are exposed to violence and killed. We expect more concrete steps and practices from our administrators who are so against inequality, discrimination, violence against women, and murders while every day a separate misogynist faces rhetoric,

Women's Council moved a step further this year only four-fight around the world not only in Turkey. In Adana, Afyon, Ankara, Antalya, Antalya - Alanya, Aydın, Balıkesir - Bandırma, Bayburt, Berlin, Bingöl, Bursa, Çorum, Denizli, Düzce, Erzurum, Eskişehir, Frankfurt, Gaziantep, Giresun, Isparta, İstanbul, İzmir, Kars, Kayseri, Kıbrıs, Kırklareli, Kocaeli, Konya, Kütahya, Malatya, Manisa, Mersin, Muğla, Nevşehir, Sakarya, Samsun, Sivas, Tekirdağ, Tokat, Trabzon, Uşak, Van, and Yalova  Women Council volunteer women came together to stop women's murders, end economic inequality, and demand justice. The women shouted their demands for gender equality once again by not leaving the streets, streets, and squares empty. The strongest slogans were laid for the effective implementation of the 6284 conservation law and the Istanbul Convention. It was echoed with slogans in the squares where no violence will be left in the dark and the struggle will continue to illuminate all suspicious deaths that are tried to be covered.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said “We will no longer do reverse clamp” in a speech this month on a TV channel. The police attacked the night march that women wanted to take in Istanbul Taksim on March 8, a few days after these statements.


Developments in other countries:

Thousands of women gathered for the International Women's Day on March 8 in Spain despite coronavirus fears.

The police attacked the night march organized by women in Paris due to March 8.

Aysel Elekberzade, who lives in Azerbaijan, attempted to commit suicide after being exposed to social lynch on 8 March by showing her banner as an excuse.

According to the research done by a think tank in England, UK carries the burden of economic problems triggered by the coronavirus crisis


Misogynist discourses and practices continue:

Speaking in a TV program, Theologian Ali Rıza Demircan claimed that the cause of coronavirus is "extramarital affair and homosexuality". Demircan explained the anti-science, misogynist and homophobically “Prohibitions such as adultery, extramarital affair, homosexuality, anal affair in marital life, and intercourse during the menstrual period. If you comply with these prohibitions, you will take the precautions of many diseases before they occur. ”

Women teachers who became visible with TRT EBA TV broadcasts became the target of misogynist and sexist discussions by using their clothes as excuses. Again on EBA TV, students were given a sexist education. According to the video, different household chores such as "preparing the table" and "ironing" were commanded by male voiceovers and these works were exhibited by the actress. We do not accept that women are still trying to dominate their clothes in 2020. We also do not accept that housework is taught to children as if it was just something women should do. We women are collectively fighting for gender equality, regardless of the clothes we wear. We do not allow misogynist and sexist discourses in any way.

According to the report "Freedoms in the World 2020"  of freedom across the globe last 10 years prepared by think tank Freedom House, Turkey was the second country where most declined.


Women continue fighting against women's murders:

Lale Bayram, 25, living in Istanbul, was found dead in her bathroom. As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that Lale Bayram's ex-husband Yasin A. and his friend Servet K. made a money agreement for this murder.

Hatice Kurt, 46, who lives in Rize, was shot dead in the middle of the street with a firearm by Ali Rıza Havuz, where she divorced 17 years ago, under the pretext of opening a social media account.

Nuray Varol, 53, who lives in Izmir, was found dead in her house with stabbing from different parts of her body.

Özlem Mutlu, 39, who lives in Bursa, was shot dead by a gun in the factory where she worked with the excuse of rejecting to get back with the male Osman Kariman, she left.

37-years-old Vildan Akkaya Yılmaz, who lived in Karabük, was shot dead in the shop where she works by Aydın Yılmaz to whom she was married.

30-years-old Münevver Şahin, who lived in Konya, was shot dead in the hospital where she worked, by Bayram Şahin, who had imposed violence to her for 12 years. They were at the divorcing phase and she had a 1-month protection order against him. It turned out later that the murder was planned beforehand.


Women continue to be subjected to sexual violence:

A woman in Istanbul was harassed while traveling on the metrobus. The perpetrator, beaten by the passengers, was released because the woman did not make a complaint about him.

A.N., living in Gaziantep was harassed by her upper neighbor H.S. and then he stole her jewelry. The perpetrator was arrested and sent to prison.

A group of women in Taksim-İstanbul were exposed to sexual harassment by H.E. in the middle of the street.

Laıla Khaleefah Maran, who lives in Samsun was harassed by Ramazan Ç. It turned out that the same perpetrator also battered 8-month pregnant Fawaza Muhammed Abduljabbar Abdulgabbar.


Child abuse cases continues to increase:

2 students of Belören Secondary School in Sinop were abused by Bayram Demirci, who works as the principal. Bayram Demirci was arrested.

Two girls aged 13 and 16 living in Zonguldak were abused by A. A., A. S. C. and A. T., who served as contracted imams. The perpetrators were released on the condition of judicial control, they were exposed by the District Mufti's Office.

A 14-years-old girl living in Antalya was harassed in the elevator by R.F.T. who followed her. The perpetrator was captured and arrested as the images of the incident were reflected on social media.

A 15-years-old boy living in Siirt was blackmailed and threatened by O.R. the boy was subjected to sexual abuse by him. It turned out that the lawyer of O.R. who was arrested, asked the family of the boy to give up on the case.

14 years old A.C.S. living in Manisa left home for meeting with her friends and she was able to return home after 13 days. It turned out that she was forcibly held in a house, given drugs and exposed to sexual abuse during this time. 25-years-old Y.K. was arrested.


Cases of March: 

Of the cases we followed, the trial of 51 cases was in March. 16 of these hearings in which the perpetrators were released by the court pending a trial due to the corona outbreak, and these hearings were postponed to a future-date. 35 hearings were held on time.

While some of the hearings held on the day were held without an audience, only a detention review was made in some, and a decision was made to postpone the date.

In some hearings, the defendants were not brought to the courtroom, attended by the audio and video system (SEGBİS).

The case of Ceren Özdemir, who was killed in Ordu, resulted in the aggravated life sentence of the offender Özgür Arduç. The negligence investigation was launched against Özgür Arduç's previous escape from prison. It turned out that the perpetrator who had been transferred to an open prison, despite having 8 disciplinary files before, said to the prison psychologist that he would escape. In the report prepared, it was learned that a “good conduct abatement” was made and he was transferred from the closed prison to the open prison.

Decision was given not to prosecute the file (nol pros) of Nadira Kadirova, who died suspiciously in the house of AKP Istanbul Deputy Şirin Ünal. Despite the file was tried to be covered by stating that ''there was no male DNA'', it was revealed that there PSA (prostate-specific antigen) that was owned only by males was found in the anal area of Nadira's body.

37-years-old Kübra Aşkın, who lived in Mersin, was killed in the middle of the street by Davut Demir from whom she had been divorced last year. In the case, he tried to get a remission by saying "Let the murder of women end, I regret it". The court sentenced the accused to life imprisonment for “deliberate killing” and 1 year in prison for “buying or possessing bullets with unlicensed firearms”. No remission was applied in the case. The decision, which does not take into account the purposiveness, will be appealed.

Despite the decision to protect him, the decision hearing of Habibe Çevik and his sister Fatma Akta, who were killed by the man Habibe Çevik divorced despite protection order was held. The perpetrator was sentenced to life imprisonment twice. No remission was applied to the penalty.

The case of the 5-years-old boy who was subjected to sexual abuse by the swimming teacher was heard. The court denied the request for arresting the perpetrator and it was decided that judicial control measures would continue.

The trial of Nazan Kırkgöz, who was killed in Bursa in June last year, continued to be heard. The perpetrator, Yusuf Mıcık, who killed Nazan by shooting with a firearm in an empty land, claimed that he killed her by accident with the aim of benefiting from the remission as we are used to hearing in the courts.





*Our report: The news of violence against women, which is reflected in the press every month, includes cases, new events, and details of the women’s movement. While news of women's murder were directly reflected to the public, regardless of the complaint; because of the emergence of news about sexual violence and child abuse, covering these crimes and investigations and litigation processes are continuing, it is difficult to determine the net number. Therefore, we would like to point out that the data on child abuse and sexual violence are much more than the news that reflected in media and the announced data of ours. Within the scope of the Istanbul Convention, the relevant authorities of the state should specify and determine the methods of combating violence accordingly; aforementioned authorities do not do them regularly. We reach a number by collecting the applications that are coming directly to us and cases that are reflected in the press and then we prepare our report within this framework. We take our Women's Murder report according to the concept of Femicide. So according to the concept of Femicide; “all female gender individuals, from the embryo to the fetus, from the baby to the child, from the adult to the elderly, are killed or forced to commit suicide by a man solely on the basis of their sex or on the basis of acts contrary to the perception of gender identity. Femicides should not be perceived as murders in which only female sex people are killed. In these murders committed with hate, what is being attacked is the female identity.”