2020 April Report of We Will End Femicide Platform
20 women were killed by men in April 2020, 20 women were found suspiciously dead. Sexual violence and child abuse continue.

Report of April 2020*

20 femicide, 20 suspicious women death in April 2020.

We are going through an extraordinary period in all the world and Turkey with the new coronavirus. People are taking precautions against extraordinary conditions in many parts of the world. However, everybody must stay home, which causes difficulties for women. Women have to stay home where they can be exposed to domestic violence. Therefore, it is very important to take measures for women in today’s condition.

20 women were  found suspiciously dead

This month, 20 femicides occurred. 20 women were found suspiciously dead. 2 of them were killed with an economical excuse, 4 of them trying to decide for their own life such as rejecting the offer to reunite or asking for divorce. It is not known by which excuse 14 women were killed and this is a result of violence against woman and making murders invisible in coronavirus days.  Unless it is determined by whom and why women are killed; unless fair trials are made and suspects, defendants and murderers receive dissuasive punishments and preventive measures are implemented, violence will continue to change by changing dimensions.

According to femicide data of Turkey in April:

We would like to share with you the names our sisters, whom are each a life:

Who were the women killed by?

It was not found who killed 4 out of 20 women who were killed in April. 2 of them were killed by their husbands, 3 of them  were killed by the men they had a relationship with , 7 of them were killed by their acquaintance, 2 of them by their son , 1 of them by their father, 1 of them by someone they did not know .

Women were mostly killed in their homes.

16 of the women were killed in their homes, 3 of the women were killed in middle of the street and 1 of the women in a land.

Women are killed mostly by firearms

10 of them were killed by firearms, 5 by cutting tools, 3 by drowning, 2 by batting. 

The employment situation of women is still not detectable.

It is very difficult to determine the working situation of women. We think that this important data should be taken into consideration by the press members. According to the data released by TURKSTAT this month, the number of women 'busy with housework' has increased by 126 thousand compared to the previous year. Thus, according to TURKSTAT, the number of women who were not even considered as labour force increased to 11 million 438 thousand in January 2020. TURKSTAT's explanation of the data in this way is to try to cover the true dimension of women's unemployment. We know that women who are not taken into work or dismissed from employment are becoming more vulnerable to the dangers of gender-based discrimination, violence and femicide in society. According to available data, the employment status of 16 out of 20 women is unknown.

Femicides were committed in different regions and provinces.  Women want cities where they are not murdered.

Women are being killed in their homes

There are many factors, including misogynist rhetoric and practices that have led to increased femicide. Due to quarantine and curfews, the rate of women being killed at home has increased considerably, and there has been a decrease in murders committed outside home, as can be seen in the graphs below. Women are killed in their homes where they need to be most secure. Of the 20 women killed in April, 16 were killed at home, 3 on the street and 1 on the land. 80 percent of women killed this month were killed at home. It is seen in the data how the quarantine process affects the femicides. 

Until now, in the data of femicides, making decisions about their own lives was mostly seen as an excuse to commit femicide. Women were most often killed when making decisions about their own lives, such as divorce, breaking up, and deciding to work. However, women face difficulties on reaching their rights in Corona days.Those who are subjected to violence or witnesses to violence had to pause worrying and complaining thinking that the attacker will remain in unhealthy conditions during the corona days. In this process, women can delay their divorce and separation decisions due to extraordinary circumstances. Anxiety about encountering malfunctions in violent perpetrators during coronavirus days deprives women of exercising their rights. These difficulties experienced by women should push the state to take more precautions and women should not be left without help.

Suspicious female deaths are rising

An important detail that we would like to underline only is the increasing number of suspected female deaths. There has been a serious increase in the number of suspicious women deaths and suspicious deaths presented by the press this month, such as suicide or natural death. Suspicious female deaths, unfortunately, can be even more challenging than femicides. It is necessary to reveal whether women are killed, whether they are actually killed by accident, whether they commit suicide, or are pushed into suicide.

We have an example of Esin Güneş, which we revealed years later that she was in fact murdered. In the past few days, there is an example of tHatice Bertan's murder which was revealed 8 years later.

The suspicious deaths of the 20 women that we learned in April have to be clarified as soon as possible. What to do is clear; The protection law numbered 6284 and the Istanbul Convention should be implemented efficiently and completely together with all institutions and organizations. Investigations of suspected female deaths should be carefully examined and concluded quickly. For sure, with our struggle, we have revealed the truth of the murder of women in Şule Çet and Aysun Yıldırım. However, society and the families of the murdered women should not be forced to give years of struggles for revealing the murder.

While we were threatened with coronavirus inside and violence outside, Süleyman Soylu, The Minister of Interior Affairs, made a statement that the murders of women decreased. These statements are trial to make the struggle of women for the implementation of the protection law numbered 6284 and the Istanbul Convention invisible.


The statute of execution of sentences will increase violence against women and children.

Emine Bulut, who was brutally murdered, and Ayşe Tuba Arslan, who was killed by the man she made a complaint about for 23 times must not be forgotten. Ceylan Aslan, who was killed 2 days before April 23, must not be forgotten. The man, who was in prison for stabbing his wife, killed 9-year-old Ceylan Aslan by torturing after his release. Ceylan’s perpetrator was not released from prison by the statute of execution of sentences. However, this situation did not resolve the responsibility of the authorities at once. It is once more revealed that the questioning of the existing execution arrangement and taking urgent steps to protect women and children are necessities.

The enforcement draft law, which has been debated ongoing since last month, was approved by accepting the voting in parliament this month, despite the huge reaction from the public opinion. First of all, we would like to state that there is no definition as “crime against women” in our criminal law, despite it is said that “we will not allow the reduction in sexual crimes” and “crimes against women and children will not take part.". For this reason, remission of sentence can be made for criminal offenders against women and children. There are cases that perpetrators who are transferred to the open prison can be granted on leave of absence. Crimes such as threats, insults, injuries, blackmail, mostly committed against women are released with a penal execution remission. However, there is a special arrangement for each case and every crime. Therefore all cases of murder of women, violence against women, and child abuse that we follow up are qualified individually.

While, in corona days, the whole world tries to take precautions regarding especially domestic violence will increase, with this law which is approved in Turkey, a step that is not for the benefit of the children and women, will increase violence against them was taken. 

We immediately began to see the hurtful consequences of this statute of execution of sentences. Our friend Nesibe was threatened by the man he divorced as soon as he was released from prison. Fatih S., who came out of prison in Ankara, took his 4-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son with a gun, when Alev S., who he was married with and used violence to, left the house. After the children were rescued by the police and Alev S. who were brought home, Fatih S. was detained and an investigation was launched against him. Although the perpetrators were not released because of the law on execution of sentences in these events, the evacuation of the perpetrators and the lack of precautions encouraged the men.

Women must be urgently informed of these evacuations. In the 56th article of the Istanbul Convention and circular on Struggle Against Violence Against Women of Ministry of Internal Affairs dated January 1, 2020, it is stated that it is necessary to inform women and the families of children about those who will be released by this execution and to take protective /preventive precautions for protecting violence victims immediately. All these informing and precautions must be taken urgently.


Child abuse can not be pardoned

With the regulation of execution, it was also revealed that the government also had an agenda for prepairing a draft that envisions impunity when children marry people who abused them. Except that the fact that such an agenda has not officially come to the parliament yet, we do not even accept the possibility of such an issue coming to the agenda. 

While it is predicted that children who stay at home during the corona days will be more vulnerable to the risk of abuse, also policies should be developed to prevent child abuse, such an arrangement should not even be brought to the agenda.


Istanbul Convention should be implemented efficiently

the Committee of the Parties to the Council of Europe has published the decleration on the implementation of the Istanbul Convention during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all of the suggestions that they have stated quite important features for this extraordinary era, it has not yet announced a package of precautions by institutions and organizations in Turkey. The Istanbul Convention that we encounter many problems in its implementation even on ordinary days, is vital for all women. Every article of the Istanbul Convention that we are a signatory of must be applied to the letter. Just as the World Health Organization has said “test, test, test” to prevent Corona Virus, we are saying “Istanbul Convention, Istanbul Convention, Istanbul Convention, ” to prevent violence against women these days.


Urgent precautions are essential for women in corona days

We made research in 40 provinces on the precautions and practices for women and children staying in the shelter during the corona days. According to our research, equipment such as masks and gloves are provided, periodic fever measurements are made, new applications are tested and 14-days-quarantine is applied. However, we got information that the application acceptance has not been received still due to capacity problems and that studies for the arrangement of other places for women continue. Moreover, women who reach our helplines say that they cannot reach 155 or 183 when they call. However, while access to the telephone lines should be made easier, women are facing closed doors already in the first step of their complaint. The Ministry of Internal Affairs still hasn’t made any publicity regarding KADES implementation. This implementation that women can make an online application to, needs to be announced everywhere. In this period, a brochure that explains what to do against violence against women should be distributed in the most commonly used pharmacies or markets. Public service ads about the prevention of violence against women and child abuse should be published. Nevertheless, it is tried to create an opposite perception towards this issue by providing information about the decline of the violence against women and femicides. While there can be seen an increase in the violence by data in Turkey and throughout the world, it is obvious that precautions should be taken. You can reach our emergency suggestions for women in Coronavirus period by clicking here.


6284 and Its Consequences

6284 law that suspends the perpetrators, regulates measures such as close protection, entitles women many rights-giving practices from financial empowering to changing identity information and effectuated through years of struggle of woman organizations is protecting women when implemented effectively. 

While it is not known whether 18 of the women killed in April had protection order; it is known that 2 of the women had no protection order. 

Ayşe Paşalı was exposed to violence by her ex-husband in 2010, her request was denied when she applied for protection because of not being married and then she was killed by the same man. European Court of Human Rights found Turkey guilty about the murder of Ayşe Paşalı because of their failure of protecting life. 

Emel G., age 33, lives in Mersin, got injured by screwdriver 11 times by her husband Hakan G. whom she wants to divorce; Emel G. now is struggling to survive at the hospital. Hakan G. ran away after the incident and threatened Emel G. with the words “I will fusillade you” from his social media account. 

Serap İlhan and her daughter F.N.Y who are living in Kayseri asked help from the authorities by saying that they have been exposed to violence by Hacı İlhan many times.

A woman living in Antalya has been threatened by the man she was in the process of divorce, by putting a knife in her throat. The aggressor was restrained by the police.

Zeynep Y. who lives in Konya was taken hostage by her son Yasin Y. with a blank firing gun, then he set afire the house. Zeynep Y. was rescued as injured.

Hatun B. and her lawyer Berrin Bayam who are living in Bursa, are injured with a firearm by Şükrü B. whom Hatun B. is in the process of divorce. Hatun B. and Berrin Bayam’s situations are severe.

Güleren Ocak who lives in Istanbul at age 42, injured with a gunshot by her husband’s nephew, A.O. A.O was released after he had been arrested. It was revealed that Güleren Ocak was seriously injured by the same person with a firearm and he received probation. Güleren said, “Do I have to be killed to be heard?”

A woman living in Istanbul was kidnapped by her boyfriend who is refusing to break up with her by wearing a fake surgical suit and a fake ambulance with persuading her to do a coronavirus test. The woman escaped somehow and filed a complaint against him. Furthermore, it turned out that the woman had the same man get suspended before because of harassment. 

There has been no improvement regarding 21-year-old Gülistan Doku, who has been missing since January 5. For an effective investigation to be conducted and reveal what happened to Gülistan as soon as possible, we continue to ask #GülistanDokuNerede (#WhereIsGulistanDoku). Esma Kılıçaslan’s lifeless body was found during the searches carried out in the dam for Gülistan Doku. The death of Esma Kılıçaslan must be illuminated as immediately as possible.


What Happened in April Regarding Women?

All Updates:

Paid Vacation for Workers, 6284 Saves Lives of Women

We celebrate the 1st of May different from previous years and under extraordinary circumstances. These circumstances do not prevent us from saying our rights and demands together with our organized struggle, as always, on 1st May. 

Since the calls of “Stay Home”, workers have not been able to stay at home and forced to work in unsanitary conditions. For the contagion to slow down, everybody needs to stay at home, paid vacation is essential. Women, on the other hand, have to stay at home where they are most exposed to violence. In these days, 6284 saves lives when women have to stay home.

Even though we are in quarantine, we continue to address women from balconies, windows, buildings, stops, walls and social media. The slogan “Paid Vacation for Workers, 6284 Saves Lives of Women” is all around in Turkey. We continue to protect our rights and shout out the economic inequalities as #Koronalı1MayıstaKadınlar (#Womenin1st MaywithCorona) with our organized struggle. Even in these coronavirus days, women will never walk alone. 

In addition to existing economic inequalities and violations of rights, women are made even more powerless in economic life during the coronavirus outbreak. It is unacceptable for someone to be obligated to choose between health and the economy. It is our fundamental right to live a humane life. The women staying at home are obligated to bear both work and child, elderly and home care burden alone. The maintenance of the household is not only assigned to the women, but it is also in the responsibility of everyone living in the household. We would like to emphasize the importance of the need to carry out an extraordinary empowerment policy during this extraordinary period in economic life.  


News from other countries:

Based on data from 193 countries, the United Nations Population Fund predicted that there will be at least 15 million more domestic violence cases during the coronavirus. They also predicted that 44 million women would not be able to access birth control pills due to quarantine, and accordingly 1 million unwanted pregnancies can occur.

A series of measures were taken in France against the increasing violence against women during the corona days. It was learned that women who were subjected to violence will be placed in a hotel, the state will pay the hotel, and emergency centers for women will be opened in pharmacies and markets. In France, more than 30 percent increase in cases of domestic violence was reported during the first week of coronavirus quarantine.

The National Domestic Violence Call Line operating in the USA announced that they received up to 2,000 calls from 951 callers talking about Covid-19 between March 10-24.

A female doctor living in Italy was killed by the man who she was in a relationship with, under the pretext of "infecting him with coronavirus".

In Rwanda, 5 soldiers who used the curfew as an excuse due to the corona, entered some houses and they had sexually harassed women. The soldiers were arrested.


Misogynist rhetoric and practices continue:

Nail Noğay, Deputy Director of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Family, Labor and Social Services, replied “Die" by displaying a hostile attitude to the woman who said "My children are hungry, how can I stay at home". He got dismissed after the reaction of the whole society.

In his speech at the mosque, Ali Erbaş, the President of Religious Affairs, used homophobic and hostile expressions about the issues that concern only people's private lives, contrary to gender equality. In the book titled “Ramadan Diaries” published by Erbaş, university youth were targeted in matters related to their private lives. This attitude is against the Istanbul Convention and his hate speech fuels discrimination.

After the Erbaş's statement, a medical doctor named Metin Çakır, who lives in Germany, described homosexuality as an illness. After the reactions, the hospital stated that he is dismissed.

Women continue fighting against femicides:

Nurgül Boz, a 43-year-old mother of 4 children living in Istanbul, was stabbed to death from different parts of her body at her home by Ersin Korkmaz, who she had a relationship with, and he had 15 recorded crimes.

Gamze Pala, 46, who lives in Rize, was first shot with a firearm in front of the institution she was working by the male who she had rejected; named Savaş Dalançıkar, and then she was killed by cutting her throat with a knife. The images showing that Dalançıkar had planned the crime were found.

Meral Ahmetoğlu, 79, who lives in Istanbul, was killed by chocking with shoelaces under the pretext that she gave 8 turkish liras missing by the courier who brought her order from the market.

36-year-old Kiraz Yıldırım, the mother of 3 children living in Kocaeli, was killed with an ax in her house by Mustafa Yıldırım who she was married to.
Satı İ., Who lived in Karabük, is killed by her son Mehmet İ. in her house, by cutting her throat with a cutting tool.

Sıddıka K., 81, living in Istanbul, was strangled by her son Özcan K. at home.

Aysel Akkurt, who lived in Adana, was killed by an unidentified person or people in the middle of the street with a firearm attack when he left his house to pour garbage.


Women continue to face sexual violence:
A woman living in Kütahya was abused by Arif V. in the middle of the street. It turned out that the offender was previously arrested for sexual harassment and released in December last year.

E.A., a university student,  was sexually assaulted on her way home by the taxi driver and then got blackmailed. Upon complaint, a lawsuit was filed against the taxi driver.

It turned out that 7 women living in Kırklareli were forced to have sex for money. The investigation is ongoing.

A.A., who lives in Mardin, was forced to have sex with three friends of the man named Y.K., who she had a relationship with. A.A. who does not accept it, was locked in a room of her house, exposed to sexual assault and physical violence by Y.K..

D. E., who lives in Istanbul, was faced sexual assualt by the man she’s with. It was revealed that the perpetrator Uğur A. introduced himself as a doctor, but he wasn’t a doctor and was registered with qualified fraud 12 times.

Last year in January, A. Y., who was in Mersin to visit her family was sexually assaulted by A. M. D. Due to the effect of attack, A. Y. could not apply to the jurisdiction, now she decided to file a lawsuit. Eventhough the crime has a foreseen prison sentence of up to 5 years, it cannot be brought to the judiciary on grounds of 6 months after the attack. It was learned that the perpetrator also sexually assaulted other women.


Child abuse continues:

Just as in femicide data, it is not possible to find out what excuses were used for child abuse, the fact that there are roadblocks to access to news on child abuse as well, it also creates a difficulty in our evaluations about data on child abuse.

It turned out that 8 girls in a high school in Istanbul were exposed to sexual abuse by their teacher M.K. The perpetrator was arrested and will be tried with up to 120 years of imprisonment.

The 6-year-old girl living in Ağrı was exposed to sexual abuse of M.E. who came to plaster the house. The perpetrator was arrested.

In Beyoğlu, Istanbul, a 5-year-old girl was forced to be taken to another place from the middle of the street by a 50-year-old man and harassed. The perpetrator was detained.

Lawsuits in April:

In 2001, Hande Çinkitaş at the age of 12, who was murdered with torture in her own house, her case had 9 months to expire, and for 19 years, murderer has not been sentenced yet.

Büşra Karabacak and Tuğçe Yıldırım, who were found dead days after disappearing in 2006, have not been concluded for 14 years.

Ceren Damar was brutally murdered by the man who was her student, in her case, the court sentenced the murderer to life imprisonment for intentional killing. The prosecutor objected to the decision and stating that the murderer committed femicide "with monstrous feelings or torture".

Ç.Z. who lives in Bolu, was sexually assaulted in the car by K.E at the age of 15. The trial, where the perpetrator was face trial without arrest, has been going on for 4 years. Despite continuing to bother her after the sexual assault, the court postponed the case to complete the missing documents.

Elif Keslerdarp had been subjected to violence by the man she was married to and lost one eye. In the trial, the perpetrator demanded an acquittal decision by stating “I threw a rolling pin in her eye. I did not intervene physically.”

Semine Eylence was subjected to systematic violence by Recep Y. She was kidnapped and battered. Recep Y. was arrested by the court.





*Our report: The news of violence against women, which is reflected in the press every month, includes cases, new events, and details of the women’s movement. While news of women's murder were directly reflected to the public, regardless of the complaint; because of the emergence of news about sexual violence and child abuse, covering these crimes and investigations and litigation processes are continuing, it is difficult to determine the net number. Therefore, we would like to point out that the data on child abuse and sexual violence are much more than the news that reflected in media and the announced data of ours. Within the scope of the Istanbul Convention, the relevant authorities of the state should specify and determine the methods of combating violence; accordingly, aforementioned authorities do not do them regularly. We reach a number by collecting the applications that are coming directly to us and cases that are reflected in the press and then we prepare our report within this framework. We take our Women's Murder report according to the concept of Femicide. So according to the concept of Femicide; “all female gender individuals, from the embryo to the fetus, from the baby to the child, from the adult to the elderly, are killed or forced to commit suicide by a man solely on the basis of their sex or on the basis of acts contrary to the perception of gender identity. Femicides should not be perceived as murders in which only female sex people are killed. In these murders committed with hate, what is being attacked is the female identity.”